12 Instances Women Are Taken for Granted

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Despite women’s efforts in reaching gender equality, there are still some areas where they struggle. Women have many roles and expectations in society. And it doesn’t help that they get judged for something as normal as biology. Here are 12 ways women are treated unfairly.

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“Women are not allowed to travel to certain countries unchaperoned due to the amount of sexual violence toward solo travelers,” reads a post. If you are curious, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, India, and Iran are among the most dangerous countries for lone-women travelers.

Dealing With Responsibilities and Consequences of Taking Birth Control

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One user recalls her negative experience when taking birth control, “I experienced hair thinning, weight gain, extreme mood swings, depression, extreme brain fog, severely decreased lust, unexpected spotting, and severe headaches and migraines.” Interestingly, these symptoms ceased after she stopped taking birth control. 

Being a Stay at Home Mom

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Additionally, women need more credit when they become stay-at-home moms or single parents. In fact, “we get called lazy for not working a traditional job,” writes a mom. 

Plus, “when women get primary custody, they get judged for taking the kids away from their dad.’ And during most of these times, “it’s the men who walk away and don’t even fight for custody.”

Dealing With Misogyny

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Women are also underappreciated for “living in a world of violent, misogynistic, and controlling men that we must interact with, physically serve and sometimes carry their children.”

And God forbid you show signs of distress when interacting with misogynistic people, as you will be quickly labeled “too emotional or overreacting.” 

Going to Work With Menstrual Pain

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Lately, there have been viral clips of men trying the menstrual cramp simulator, and they admit the pain is excruciating.

With this in mind, one user writes, “Going to work and being expected to put in the same effort as a man while my insides are exploding, I think we need a tax credit or more sick days.”  

Dealing With Postpartum

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The postpartum phase is as difficult as pregnancy and childbirth, but not everyone acknowledges that. It takes a while (up to three years for some) before a mom feels like their old self.  

Credit in Workplace

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A female user narrates, “I work in a male-dominated environment, and in my old workplace, I won a prestigious award. A male colleague said, ‘You only won because you are female.’ I told him I won it on merit.”

Keeping Fandoms and Shows Alive

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“Many shows wouldn’t be as big if it wasn’t for the fandoms,” explains a poster. In most cases, it is women who buy show merchandise and make fan accounts, while men rarely keep fandoms alive.

Having Individuality

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Sadly, in most cases, everything a woman does “gets shoved under doing it to get male attention.” Wearing a cute dress, playing video games, or being pretty will instantly have some people thinking you are doing it for a man.

This is why most women relate to one lady’s comment, “I am an individual with my own feelings, thoughts, views, and interests.” 

Planning Ahead

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No one credits women for their ability to plan “to avoid danger” and mishaps. 

Ability to Multitask

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Women are also under-appreciated for “working full-time, caring for children, doing the housework, and carrying all the emotional workload for everyone.”

Faking Orgasms

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If only men knew most women fake orgasms “not to destroy their self-esteem” or “to end it quicker,” they would appreciate them more. 

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