12 Tips on How to Lose Weight Without a Gym Membership

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It’s that time of year again when you may think it’s high time to lose the weight you gained over the holidays. Hitting the gym is the most common solution. But did you know you can slim down with minimal exercise while saving money in the process? Try out these 12 ways you can shed the extra pounds without going to the gym.

Setup a Recumbent Bike While Playing Games or Working

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This is a cute way to exercise while having fun. One commenter who has done this writes, “One day, I played games all day, and it said I rode over 100 miles and burned 6000 calories.”

Stop Drinking Soda

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“Dumping soda is the easiest/laziest thing to do for sure. It takes no physical effort and expands your bank account,” reads a post. However, do not substitute soda with other sugary beverages like energy drinks, sweet tea, vitamin water, or sweetened water. 

Unsubscribe to Food Deliveries

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You might not love reading this but unsubscribing that food delivery can help you lose weight. Doing so helps you prepare home meals when hungry and saves money. 

Walk Whenever Possible

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Do you enjoy driving everywhere? Why not substitute short rides with walks? Or walk down the block with your dog or when listening to your headphones? Alternatively, take the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

Buy Groceries on a Full Stomach

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The trick to having a full stomach when grocery shopping is to prevent ‘your cravings to buy unhealthy, random foods.’ Other users recommend, “Make your grocery list when hungry, shop when full.”

Don’t Keep Anything Easy to Prepare in the House

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A commentator recommending this tip says, “If you’re not hungry enough to spend 20 minutes cooking bland rice, you are not really hungry. (Even bland rice) will taste like manna from heaven when you are truly hungry.” So, avoid stocking high-calorie snacks.

Take Psyllium Husk

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“Psyllium husk is pure fiber (zero calories). It expands when in contact with water. It expands in your stomach, giving you the feeling of being full,” reads a post. 

Drink More Water

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One poster recommends, “If you set aside about 100-160oz of water and ensure half of it is drank by lunch, you will lose weight guaranteed. Not only is it better for you to stay hydrated, but it also decreases your unnecessary appetite and improves your overall health.” 

Eliminate Alcohol

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Here’s what an alcoholic commentator had to say after quitting alcohol, “The fat literally just melted off of me. I went from having a stomach and love handles that pushed over my pants to being able to see my abs in a matter of a month!” 

Brush Your Teeth Soon After Dinner

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How is this trick effective at losing weight? “You have to be really desperate for a late snack to ruin those clean teeth,” a user points out. However, wait at least thirty minutes before brushing if you just had soda. 

Stop Eating Before Bed

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Experts recommend eating three hours before bed to ensure the body has enough time for digestion. This reduces indigestion and the risk of obesity. 


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A good night’s rest can also help you lose weight. Isn’t this a better, lazy way to lose a few pounds? 

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