12 Unwritten “Guy Code” Rules Every Man Should Know

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There’s something different about guy friendships. Their bond doesn’t break despite pulling embarrassing pranks or regulating roasting each other. And, it turns out, they have a sacred, unspoken code they abide by, and breaking one of these rules can mean friendship over. 

Face-To-Face Banter

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“Guys often give compliments in the form of trash-talking,” swears a user who shares an example, “Look at the fashionista rolling up today! Who took you shopping because there’s no way you have that kind of taste with the twelve years of homeless lumberjack behind you.”

However, in their absence, only nice and respectful things are said.

Birthday Cards to Show Affection

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“The mere presence of a birthday card is the most confirmation of love any bro should require,” states a guy. The message in the card is often insults, roasts, and stuff that make them uncomfortable, but they accept and laugh heartily at the gesture. 

Whenever Your Bro’s Crush Is Around, Don’t Be Funnier Than Your Bro

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Another unwritten code is that a wingman should never be funnier than his bro. Instead, he should hype him up so he can get the girl. 

Upwards Nod Means What’s Up

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This is a universal language among guys; a bro always nods back. A downwards nod means “I acknowledge your presence,” and if accompanied by a slow blink, it shows appreciation. 

Beer or Food Is Sufficient Payment

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You’d expect guys to pay each other with cash, but no. Beer or food does it when a bro helps another friend move, mow the lawn, fixes their appliance, or helps complete a hard manual job. 

Note that “the beer they drink while helping you is not the payment beer. Unless they say otherwise, you have to get them the full six pack, or case, or whatever in full at the end of the task.”

Never Make Fun of Your Friend in Front of His Crush

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In addition to not being funnier than your bro, playing jokes that cost him getting the girl is also prohibited. 

Ex’s Are off Limits Unless Given Permission

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“Any relationship where you know they loved the girl is now a no-go,” states a poster. However, some guys have received their friend’s blessing to date their ex.

Don’t Urinate in the Adjacent Urinal

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This is also a universal understanding among guys because peeing in the adjacent urinal makes them uncomfortable. The only exception to this code is if all the other urinals are occupied, and even then, small talk is highly discouraged. 

There Is No Such Thing as an Awkwardly Long Hug or Handshake Between Bros

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Interesting, right? And when it comes to hugs, “it must be diagonal, with each of you claiming the high ground on one shoulder, clapping each other on the back no more than three times.”

Don’t Bring Your Partner to a Boy’s Night

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Bringing a partner is discouraged because it ruins the boy’s night vibe, especially when there wasn’t an advance heads up. Moreover, “missing a boy’s night out to be with your girl is okay,” but not “lying about it or constantly missing them.”

Always on the Lookout for Signs of Sadness

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When a bro notices his friend is stressed or undergoing a difficult phase, it’s his job to try to “cheer him up by hanging out with him and making him remember lousy pranks from the good old days.”

Don’t Insult Your Bro to Make Girls Laugh

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This is unacceptable. “Putting others down in an attempt to raise yourself is just pathetic,” writes a guy, with a lady saying, “When this happens, I feel terrible for the guy and try to make him feel better or counter what the friend says.”  

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