12 Criticisms Against Americans That Are Uncalled-For

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Everyone has preconceived notions about other nationalities. While some of the stigmas have a basis, people shouldn’t generalize. Most of the time, the negative image of other cultures is just portrayed by the minority. Here are 12 negative traits about Americans that are unwarranted.

Being Too Loud

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“There’s plenty of nationalities out there that could be described as loud, but for some reason, it is considered a negative trait only for American tourists,” writes a Texas resident. 

Just because Americans “fill silence with chatter” or “American accents cut through stronger than other English-based accents” doesn’t make them loud. 

Fake Nice

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Since many Americans are genuinely friendly when talking to strangers, foreigners interpret this as fake friendliness. A user says, “Being skeptical of our friendliness says more about their culture than ours.” 

Ignorant About the Rest of the World

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Meanwhile, random, fabricated videos of strangers doing interviews also imply that Americans are ignorant. The videos are only edited to include the wrong answers, and they feature unique effects and laugh tracks to validate the opinion. 

“People know what they need to know,” a poster confirms, “Americans might be more centric, but to act like something’s unique to Americans is just ludicrous.”

Most Racist Country in the World

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There is no denying racism is present in America, but that does not make it the most racist country in the world. A European immigrant says, “The US deals with institutional racism that needs to be resolved, but unlike many countries, they don’t hide it under the rug.”

No Culture

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Surprisingly, those who say this don’t take a moment to recognize American culture in music, movies, holidays, food, sports, or arts. 

Then, some claim Americans “force their cultures on everyone else.” A poster says, “Look, no one is propping your eyes open and forcing you to watch the latest Avengers movie.”

Bad Food

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This is usually after foreigners eat at “McDonald’s or Domino’s and assume that is all” American food has to offer. But as one user puts it, “If you’ve never had gumbo, barbecue ribs, blackened fish, or a bowl of great chili, that’s on you.”

Websites Are “America-Centric”

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It makes no sense why foreigners would be frustrated with America-centric websites. One user says, “If your problem is that there’s not enough news/content about your country, your complaint is with people in YOUR country for not posting more of it. Americans aren’t going to stop posting American content because you don’t like it.” 

Not Well-Traveled

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This is also a false criticism because “the US is a huge place, and you can travel to a wide range of regions, biomes, and cultures without leaving the country.” So, if one travels from Los Angeles to New York City, it’s almost equivalent to someone who’s traveled from Lisbon to Moscow.

Bad Education System

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“There isn’t one system; there are 50 systems, and some rank very well,” insists a poster. Besides, the US has some of the best universities in the world. “In fact, the smartest people from around the world come to the US to study, research, and work.” 

Can’t Comprehend Metric

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Just because Americans don’t use European metric doesn’t mean they are ignorant of measurements. “We all take science classes and learn the metric system in addition to the American standard systems. Metric are printed alongside the American units on every product,” a user points out. 

Cause of All the World’s Issues

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“Somehow, we’re the cause of all the world’s issues? Without even recognizing centuries of European lead imperialism?” says one American. 

Food Quality and Safety

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The US is ranked among the top countries maintaining high food quality and safety standards worldwide, but many foreigners don’t know about this. 

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