12 Unexpected Things That You Should Put in the Fridge

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Your fridge is meant to store much more than milk, eggs, condiments, fruits, vegetables, and certain drinks. Believe it or not, you can keep camera films, super glue, and more. So, why not make room for these 12 items to extend their shelf life?

Opened Maple Syrup

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Yes, you should put opened maple syrup in your fridge to prevent mold infestation. Pure maple syrup is free of preservatives, so it’ll keep its consistency regardless. However, ensure the jar is well sealed when storing it.

Camera Films

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Does this baffle you? Apparently, putting camera film in the fridge lets it stay fresh for years. A poster shares that their ISO 3200 color film is still working fine even though its expiration date was 20 years ago. 


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Don’t throw away that Vermouth bottle because you only need a few tablespoons in your recipe. Instead, put it in the fridge, and your martinis and Manhattan cocktails will thank you. 

Cooked Rice

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“Cooked rice needs to be refrigerated and put in a shallow dish so that it cools faster. Apparently, rice has its nasty bacteria that are rare in other foods,” shares a poster who learned the tip from a food handling course run by public health. 

Cans of Yeast

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It’s also okay to store opened dry yeast in an airtight jar. It can stay fresh in the refrigerator for about 4 and 6 months in the freezer. However, only store fresh yeast in the fridge for 2 weeks. 

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

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If you check the Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle, it clearly states that it should be refrigerated. But do you? Moreover, it “tastes better when cold.”   

One user advises, “I got the worst food poisoning I have ever had after eating unrefrigerated Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Seriously, people put it in the fridge.”

Super Glue

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What? Storing super glue in your fridge increases its shelf life?A poster explains, “The humidity in the air makes the glue set up faster, but a fridge/ freezer is a dry place, so it’ll keep longer.”

Open Jam

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Next, store your opened jam in the fridge to avoid scraping mold. But you can keep it on the cabinet if you’re certain you’ll finish it within a week. 

Worcestershire Sauce

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Did you know putting Worcestershire sauce in your fridge can lengthen its shelf life to three years? And it will retain its quality during this duration!

Almond Flour

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You can prevent almond flour and any nuts from going rancid quickly by storing them in the fridge. A poster confesses, “This is something I figured out myself after several very expensive, wasteful experiences. I started storing my cashew nuts in the fridge, and suddenly, they didn’t go bad in less than a week.”

Beef Stock

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Stock should also be preserved in the fridge to avoid food poisoning incidents. 


Saffron Flower And White Bowl
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Saffron is expensive, and it’s only fair to keep it fresh for the next time you need it. Fortunately, you can put it in a sealed glass container and place it in your fridge. 

An Iranian poster shares a different storage approach, “In my family, we crush it and mix it with water, then pour it into ice cubes. It saves so much time when you’re cooking. You just use it like stock cubes instead of going through it and diluting it every time you need some.”

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