12 Things You Are Never Too Old For

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Once you hit a certain age, society expects you to drop things like playing video games and napping. Yes, everything is good in its season. But that doesn’t mean you should start acting like others your age at the expense of your happiness! Here are 12 things you can enjoy no matter what your age is. 

Getting Excited Seeing Animals

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No doubt, you will always be fascinated to see animals. One poster writes, “I’ve been working with animals for about 4 years, and I still get excited when I see a dog being walked on the sidewalk or when I’m driving, and they stick their head out of the window.”

Another says, “Whenever I see a dog, my mood just gets 30% better, no matter how bad it was before.” 


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Nobody gets too old for naps. “I find a 30-minute nap more than makes my productivity for the rest of the day. I am clearer,” states a poster. 

However, some people hate naps because it leaves them “disoriented about the time and day,” dizzy, with a headache or feeling dehydrated, and “makes it harder to fall asleep later in the evening.” 

Video Games

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“I’m 63 and still enjoy them,” says a user, with another saying, “I’m 14 and my grandpa is 73. We always play Pokémon GO together, but he is much better than me.”

Running Really Fast With the Shopping Cart

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Isn’t it fun “running really fast with the shopping car on your way back to your car and riding the bottom part like it’s a scooter,” regardless of your age? “IKEA flat carts are the absolute best for this,” shares a poster, “You can run then sit on them and pray not to crash.”


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“Having a toddler has made me realize coloring things is awesome,” confesses a parent, with more adults feeling the same. “I was buying them (coloring books) last year after a head injury made it painful to think. Coloring made my brain feel better,” shares another user. 

Go Karts

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You will never grow too old for go-karts as “they will be fun forever.” A poster writes, “My dad, a bunch of his 50-year-old friends, and I all race Go Karts every few weekends. It’s an absolute blast.”


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“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know,” states a poster. Technically, learning never ends. 

Playing in the Rain

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Playing in the rain and jumping in puddles are more fun activities you can enjoy as an adult. A post says, “One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet. And when one feels like a duck, one is happy.”

Sliding in Your Socks Across the Kitchen Floor

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If reading this makes you smile, stop judging yourself for enjoying the smooth slides across the kitchen floor while in socks. And it always gets better when the socks are new or are sliding on wooden floors. 

Sadly, “you can get too old for this when you realize a possible fall could crack a hip.” 


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Legos are not just for kids. Many adults turn to Legos for fun and to destress. A parent shares, “My daughter recently got into Legos, and I’d forgotten how therapeutic it is to play with them.”

Watching Cartoons

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Growing up, people thought cartoons were childish. However, you’ll find that cartoons and animated movies can still entertain you as an adult. 

A 38-year-old poster says, “I used to love cartoons as a kid and still love cartoons. What has changed is that I’ve learned to appreciate the work that goes into making a great cartoon.”

Using Your Imagination

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Lastly, you will never be too old to use your imagination to get creative and connect with others. 

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