12 Things That Sound Weird, but You Should Actually Try

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From kitchen hacks to destressing your mind and improving your memory, this guide contains 12 things that give a “weird” vibe but, surprisingly, actually work. And you’ll love that you can try most of them from your home. 

Sniff Bread to Offset Vodka Taste

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This is a Russian ritual that offsets vodka burn. It is believed that sniffing the bread soaks the alcohol, thereby neutralizing its taste. 

Sit Inside Your Car for a While

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Doing this can help you feel “so peaceful and calm.” One user writes, “I do this in two steps: first, sit in the car with the engine running while the current song finishes. Second, turn off the engine and sit quietly while listening to the car click and cool. It’s so relaxing and a sort of road trip closure ritual.”

Use Your Tongue and the Heel of Your Palm to Clear Congested Sinuses

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Here’s how to do it: “Push your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth and push the heel of your palm against your forehead (right along your brow). If you hold it for 30 seconds and then let go, you will feel your sinuses start to drain.” 

Scream as Hard and Loud as You Can to Destress

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“Amazing de-stressor,” reads a post. However, try this in a secluded place since you don’t want people thinking you are crazy. 

Use Salt to Remove Garlic Scent on Your Finger

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Use salt instead of soap to remove the garlic scent from your fingers. “(Use) salt for anything pungent or if you need some moisturizing effects, coconut oil stops any smell dead in its tracks,” reads a post. 

Lay Down on the Floor in a Sunspot

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Doing this is very therapeutic, considering how stressful life can be. “There’s a reason why cats do this stuff,” points out a user. 

Another user who once lived in foster care recalls, “I lived in this terrible home, and one of the best escapes, even for a moment, was lying in a sunspot.”

Shower in the Dark

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This is another way to destress. And if you do not want to shower in total darkness, “add some candles” or “put on loud music and download one of those disco light apps, then have a party in the shower.”

Say What You Want to Remember Out Loud

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“If you are forgetful about small things like turning off lights in the house, where you put your keys….tell yourself out loud. Saying, ‘I have put my wallet on top of the fridge’ out loud to no one sounds really weird, but you are much more likely to remember saying it than the actual act of doing it,” advises a user. 

Hold Your Breath to Stop Hiccups

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“Take a deep breath as you can and hold it. While holding it, force yourself to swallow. The act of swallowing will force some air out of your nose so that you can breathe in some more,” recommends a commentator. 

Freeze Grapes

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You won’t believe how amazing frozen grapes are until you try them. “It’s like frozen cocaine, just so addicting,” confesses a user. 

Put Vinegar on Fries

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UK residents are familiar with this tip as they substitute ketchup with salt and vinegar. “The first one will taste weird; after the second one, you are hooked,” writes a user. And it’s not just any vinegar but malt or white vinegar. 

Wet Your Pizza Before Throwing It in the Microwave

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Wetting your pizza before warming it in the microwave is not ridiculous. “The crust gets this awesome crunch while still soft inside,” shares a poster. 

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