12 Things People Deny but Are 100% True

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Psychologists say humans reject reality and basic facts to avoid an uncomfortable truth. Here are the 12 most denied truths.  

Our Memory Is Very Fallible

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“It (our memory) does not work like a video camera,” explains a poster. If you disapprove, consider witness testimony. “You’ll get 20 people who all saw the same thing saying 20 different things,” points out a user. Isn’t that wild? 

A Lie Detector Isn’t Reliable

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“You’d think polygraph results not being admissible in court would be a hint that they don’t work, but no. I’ve met people who know and accept that they’re not admissible but are also convinced they’re 100% accurate,” says a user. 

Flying Fish Exist

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Flying fish are real; they don’t “just jump and glide a meter or two.” “They can stay airborne for almost a minute” and “skirt above the water for hundreds of meters.”

Confirmation Bias

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It’s time people accepted that confirmation bias is a thing and has only gotten worse with social media. Someone can read into a situation and interpret it as an undeniable truth.

People Deny Responsibility for Anything They Contribute To

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What’s amiss with this description? “It was a blind curve; there’s no way I could have seen the car parked behind it. I went around the curve, and the next thing I know, my car hit the parked car.”

Note how the person personalized the car as “if the car took a life of its own” without taking responsibility. Or something like, “My gun went off.” Most people won’t take responsibility for their actions. 

You Don’t Know How to Fight Unless You’ve Been Trained

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Unfortunately, many people get hurt because they imagine they can fight. A trained fighter writes, “I avoid fights unless absolutely necessary. And I laugh at people who think they could win a fight but can’t even throw a proper hook or make it up a flight of stairs without gasping for air.”

It’s Ok to Eat Msg

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Yes, “monosodium glutamate is safe to consume.” It is wild that people have been unconsciously consuming it and then assuming it causes allergies, obesity, or other health problems. 

Shark Attacks Are Extremely Rare

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If we were to check the statistics, shark attacks over the years are extremely rare. “It irks me when there is an attack or any discussion about them, and the area is referred to as ‘shark-infested waters.’ That’s their home, where they live, and they are an apex predator. Besides, they were there first,” writes a poster. 

Financial Success Has Largely to Do With Luck

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Additionally, luck is largely involved in financial success, although most people will still need hard work. 

Herd Mentality

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Some people deny the reality of herd mentality, which is the tendency to conform to the beliefs and behaviors of a larger group while neglecting their individuality. 

“It’s like they said in Men in Black. A person is smart and can be reasoned with. But people as a group are unreliable and violet,” states a post. 

Having Children Is Not for Everyone

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“Millions of people regret being parents” because “it’s not all sunshine,” as they were coerced to believe. “Becoming a parent means absolutely committing yourself to the cause,” and not everyone wants to become one. 

Most People Would Do Some Pretty Awful Things for Money

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Lastly, “everything in this world is controlled by money,” which explains why people are willing to do gross things to get it. 

“People like to believe that they have strong morals, but if resented with a button that would kill 10 random people in the world in exchange for 10 million dollars, many would press it,” writes a commentator. 

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