12 Things People Do That You Can’t Help but Judge

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As much as possible, it’s good to show compassion for people. When someone does something wrong, we should be giving them the benefit of the doubt because who are we to judge? Then again, some actions are just unacceptable and you can’t help but form opinions on what kind of people they are. 

Being Extremely Loud in Public

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One should be mindful of others when they are in public space. This is why some people can’t help but judge those who talk too loudly or have their phone’s volume on blast while listening to music or watching videos. 

Leaving Trash Anywhere

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Some users don’t understand why people litter, especially when trash cans are nearby. “If I see someone doing it (leaving trash everywhere), I follow them around chanting, ‘Litterbug, litterbug.’ They hate it,” says a poster.  

Pressuring Other People

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Other users dislike and judge people who don’t take no for an answer. A statement like, “Oh come on! Just one drink!” after one has expressed they aren’t interested in drinking shows how people can be insensitive. 

Constantly Brings Others Down

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And not just bringing them down but “making them feel bad about the things they enjoy.” Those who’ve suffered this say it is soul-crushing and find themselves judging people inflicting the same pain on others. 

A commentator shares, “Dictating what’s acceptable through mocking and shaming others is unfortunately very effective, particularly with young people, and very common. Think of how much better the world would be if all those unique individuals were freely themselves.”

Lack or Bad Parenting

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People will also judge a “parent leaving and ignoring one family to get another partner and raise that person’s children.” It’s the same with people who get kids unprepared for the responsibility and dump generational trauma on them. 

Poor Treatment of Pets

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Users also wonder why some people buy pets only to dump them at a pound because they discovered raising them is work. Or those who don’t do prior research about certain animals, like getting a single guinea pig, while these creatures are very social and thrive as a pair.

Dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets aren’t any better.

Not Being Able to Drive Well

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Other users unconsciously judge drivers who don’t use turn signals, can’t merge properly, “don’t stop at crosswalks for pedestrians,” or “drive like they own the road.”

Mistreating Service Workers

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People also hate it when management or clients mistreat those who work in customer service. Few users mention they’ve vowed never to return to an establishment that does this. 

Lashing at the Slightest Thing

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Although this could be a mental health problem, it doesn’t reduce the instant judgment that people pass when it happens. Some users would be happier if these people acknowledged their actions and tried to get help. 

Shoving Down Their Religion to Others

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Many people are okay with people having a religion and being proud of it. But they can’t stomach religious people who force their beliefs on others.

No Sense of Self-Awareness

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Some people also disapprove of people who “stop in the middle of walkways, entrances, crosswalks,” or grocery aisles without apologizing for blocking the way. 

Lectures Others Out of Nowhere

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“Unless someone’s being an outright public nuisance or doing something hazardous, then mind your business,” states a poster on strangers who lecture others. 

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