12 Stupid Things Men Do to Look Attractive

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There are so many tips and pieces of advice on how to make yourself more alluring. While they are helpful, there are not nearly enough tips on things you shouldn’t do. Here are 12 dumb things you should avoid doing if you want to look attractive.

Doing the Comb Over When Going Bald

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“Just own it. There are much better ways to handle receding hair lines,” explains a poster who dislikes the comb-over technique. But men likely hide their bald heads because “not many women have a thing for bald or balding men.”

Putting Other Men Down to Look More Appealing to a Girl

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Having a man put another down to please a girl screams insecurity. “This is the quickest way to go from attractive to gross,” says a user. 

However, when a man puts another fellow down for playful banter and “laughs at or owns the counterattack, it makes him look more confident.”

Seductively Biting Your Upper Lip

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If you want to seduce a lady, bite your lower lip, not the upper one. You don’t want to look silly or weird in front of your crush. 

Calling Yourself an “Alpha Male”

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Some men call themselves alpha males. In most cases, they are “egotistical, stubborn, and ignorant people.” Another post reads, “Alpha male stuff is just astrology for incels.”

Hiding Interests

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One poster advises, “Be yourself. Don’t act like you hate something because a girl thinks it’s for losers. Do you like Warhammer and DND? Own that.” And one girl admits, “I feel attracted to guys who talk about things they’re interested in.”

Emulate “Cool” TV Characters

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Also, don’t get carried away into imitating cool TV characters. “Too many guys try to emulate eccentric, cool characters to dress cool,” mentions a user, “It just makes them look dumb.”

Taking Your Shirt Off at Awkward Moments

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Taking off your shirt to flex your abs can be sexy, but it becomes a huge turn-off when done at awkward moments. One disappointed user writes, “A guy at my gym trains exclusively with his shirt off, and it’s disgusting.”

Make Life Decisions While Angry

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Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. In fact, “never do anything while being angry. Don’t talk (we never say anything good in that state). Don’t do anything physical (You could end up hurting someone). Don’t think (so many times we think of the situation, making ourselves angrier).”

Skipping Leg Day

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So you always hit the gym to stay fit but skip leg day? Ladies also find that unattractive, particularly the “chicken legs.” 

Wearing So Much Cologne

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“A scent shouldn’t suffocate the people around you. It should be a subtle, intimate, lingering afterthought that reminds people of you and makes them nostalgic in whatever way you intend,” explains a lady. “Fragrances should be discovered, not announced,” adds another user. 

Insulting Women

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When a man insults a woman physically or verbally, it screams “immature.” Additionally, “Insulting women isn’t going to make them want to sleep with you, and if it does, it’s not someone you want to sleep with because there’s definitely a couple of screws loose,” writes a commentator.  

Doing the Tough Guy Walk

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The tough guy walk won’t get ladies swooning over you, either. 

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