Top 12 Fears of Adults

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As much as adults want to project they have everything under control, everyone has something they truly fear. For some, it’s the fear of failure, while others fear illnesses associated with growing old. Here are the 12 things that adults fear the most.

Parents Getting Old

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Every adult is always their parent’s child despite their age. This is why it’s difficult for many adults to watch their parents get old, with their bodies getting frail or developing more health issues. 

“It hurts knowing that one thing you can’t stop is them getting older,” shares a user. But another doesn’t let this fear hold him down. He says, “Watching your parents grow old is a privilege. The alternative is them passing too young.”

Running Out of Money

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Since money makes the world go round, the thought of not having any years before dying scares many people. 

Rise of Fascism

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Not only does this scare many adults, but also the fact that some people wouldn’t mind the change in governance. “I’d like to live my days in peace doing activities of my own choosing,” writes a poster.  

Dying Alone

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“I have this deep fear of dying alone, with no family or friends around because I’ve become an afterthought or everyone I knew has either passed on or is too busy in their lives to spend time with an old friend,” a poster says. 

Going to the ER

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The uncertainty of ER visits holds many back from seeking medical attention. “People wait until almost death to come into the ER,” mentions a user. 


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Adults who have seen their parents or grandparents battle this disease worry about developing it someday. “I don’t want anyone to see me become an empty shell like that,” says a poster who wishes there was a contract that allowed a mercy death if one was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Living Last Days Alone

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Some individuals aren’t scared of passing away alone but living their last years without people who care for them. 

Unable to Retire

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The reality that some adults must work until they die to afford rent, medical bills, and other utilities is also scary. 


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“You become a shell, a hollowed-out human. Dementia is living death,” describes a user. And it doesn’t get easier for adults who know some types of dementia are hereditary. 

Prospect of Outliving Children

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It’s a sad reality that kids die every day. This is why many adults are terrified of losing their kids because nothing, not even time, helps ease the heartache and emptiness. A user whose child died 23 years ago writes, “I’ve never been the same. My heart is still missing a piece of it.”

Unable to Provide for People That Count on Them

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This thought haunts many, given that serious illnesses or economic crises can hit unexpectedly. 

A mid-40s parent with severe mobility issues, bipolar disorder, and other mental issues writes, “My 23-year-old and 17-year-old are taking care of me and their little brother instead of me taking care of them. I hate it. I thought dementia and losing my ability to think was the scariest part of getting older, but this is pretty awful.” 

Getting Older

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Adults also fear getting older; it doesn’t help how years fly by once you hit the 30-year mark. “The moment you realize that statistically you have more past than future, you can feel the world shift,” says a poster. 

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