12 Survivors Details Chilling Phenomenon Third Man Syndrome

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The third man syndrome is a strange phenomenon where an unseen presence intervenes in life-and-death situations, offering guidance, comfort, or encouragement. Some believe spirits or angels are involved, while others dismiss this as a mind trick. Nevertheless, survivors swear by it, and these are their stories. 

Told Woman She Had Brain Tumor

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A woman from London reports hearing two voices tell her she had a brain tumor. True to her word, doctors discovered the cancer and got it out. Once she made a full recovery, the voices bid her goodbye. 

Climbed Into the Rear Seat

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A survivor of a terrible car accident reports being pinned in the car, and the only way to get out was to cut the door off. But he remembers seeing a woman climb into the rear seat, hold his shoulders, and comfort him that help was coming. However, the paramedics and firefighters say there wasn’t any woman when they arrived. 

Caught in a Riptide

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An uncle and his nephew caught in a riptide swear a man in a suit told them to swim parallel to the shore and jump out of the water before he disappeared. They followed his advice and survived. 

Put Your Seatbelt On

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A lady confesses someone asked her to wear her seatbelt even though she rarely did because she drove in an unpopulated area. Coincidentally, she got in a head-on collision that day and lost two front teeth, but she survived. 

Wake Up Now

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Another lady confesses having a dream about her dead brother-in-law. He told her to wake up three times and close the door because someone was after her. When she did, she noticed someone trying to open the backdoor. Turns out, the stranger had been stalking her for months and had planned on assaulting her. 

Just Sit Down

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Another survivor recalls being lost in a rainforest. He panicked, ran through brushes, injured himself, and occasionally fell over. But he remembers hearing a voice telling him to sit down and shut up. Minutes later, he heard a truck horn from a distance, followed the sound’s direction, and managed to get to the highway. 

Follow the Tracks

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“A friend and I lost the trail in the snow once when we were backpacking in the mountains. I saw footprints in the snow: one horse, a llama, and a human. I followed those tracks, and we eventually got back onto the rail. But my friend swore he never saw a single track,” confesses a backpacker. 

Should You Go Be Her Friend?

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Two friends also share how a man asked them to accompany a drunk lady home. “Right next to her apartment was a man hiding behind a parked car, exposing his manhood the entire time.” But they managed to get the lady home safely. 

The interesting bit was when both friends described the man. One said he was blonde, while the other said he was Latino. 

We’re Not Finished Here

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Another user recalls a man in a suit giving him pointers in his sleep on how to survive his narcissistic mother and terrible job. When he tried to wake up, the man said he wasn’t finished talking. He says the man’s 5-point plan has helped him become stable. 

Gave Directions

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A soldier says, “I was wounded, lost, alone, and probably in shock, and my favorite sergeant appeared and gave me directions. I listened to him, and I made it. The only problem with all that is that he had died in my arms two years before.”

Move 50 Meters to the Left

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Another military guy reports following another guard when he got lost in the Finnish Winter. He tried catching up with him, including running fast, but couldn’t. Then he lost sight of him but realized he was close to his quarters. When he asked around, he realized no one had left the camp, so he had a third man’s help. 

Fell off a Sea Cliff

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A man narrates that when he fell off a cliff in Alaska, a little girl kept him company, singing and telling him stories. However, there wasn’t such a girl in the remote Alaskan town. 

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