12 Supplies You Need to Survive Flu Season

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Preventive measures like washing your hands can help you avoid getting sick during flu season. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, there’s a point when you’ll feel a little scratch on your throat, a headache that won’t go away, or a stuffy nose. Don’t fret, though. By assembling these 12 supplies for your flu survival kit ahead of time, you’ll have everything you’ll need for a speedy recovery. 

Nasal Spray

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The nasal spray works wonders in easing a congested nose. Afrin is an excellent medication that offers instant relief and should only be used for three days. 

Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen

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A bottle of ibuprofen is necessary for aches, pain, and fever. A pharmacist recommends a prescription of 800mg three times a day. Additionally, have acetaminophen for mild to moderate pain and fever. Also, remember to stock cough drops. Cepacol is ideal for managing throat pain in the first few days. 

Allergy Pills

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“They help to dry you up and help cut the post-nasal drip and that phlegm from running down your throat,” explains a pharmacist. 

Salt for Gargling

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A saltwater solution can also ease a sore throat. Add a half tablespoon of salt to 8 ounces of warm water and mix. Tilt your head up as you gaggle the mixture for better coverage, then spit it out. 


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While Vaseline won’t cure your cold, it will prevent your nose from getting chapped after blowing it repeatedly. “Moisturizing when you blow your nose will wipe off the layer of Vaseline rather than a layer of skin cells on your nose,” says a poster. 

Paper Plates and Bowls

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You may have difficulty doing dishes when you come down with the flu. Fortunately, stocking up on paper plates, bowls, and cutlery will ensure you have clean dishes for every meal and not stress about cleaning them. 

Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter

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You need a thermometer to check your temperature to monitor high fevers. Meanwhile, a pulse oximeter alerts you when your oxygen levels are low before you even experience troubled breathing. 

A Good Amount of Groceries

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Having the flu may mean you won’t be capable of going out grocery shopping. Therefore, you must always have a sizeable amount of groceries for such days. 

A user says, “We caught Covid for the first time in June. We were grateful we had been rotating our stock for a few years because while we were out for 10 days getting through that, we were okay.” 


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You also need tissues when you have a cold. If you dislike blowing your nose, you can stuff a bundle of tissue in a nostril so it can soak up the excess mucus.

HEPA Air Purifiers & Filters

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Why HEPA air purifiers? “The goal is not to get sick among others who are potentially sick with a virus that spreads through the air,” answers a poster. HEPA air purifiers effectively remove 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns in size. Additionally, have a stash of masks and always wear one in public during the flu season. 

COVID Test Kits

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Also, get COVID test kits to self-test yourself whether you have the flu or an infection, then seek the right treatment. At-home kits are as effective as hospital kits. 

Cans of Soup

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Also, stock up on cans of soup. The heat can ease nasal congestion, the salt can relieve throat pain, and the nutrients in the soup can speed up recovery.

A poster says, “Our favorite is canned matzo ball soup, and we always keep a couple of those. It’s very easy on an upset stomach while still providing protein and carbs for comfort. It’s hot and easy on the throat, so it’s good for head colds and coughs, and preparation is easy.” 

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