12 Super Dangerous Things People Don’t Realize Are Dangerous

Are you the type of individual who loves taking risks? Loves to dwell in the world of dangers? Even if you’re not, you might unknowingly indulge in unsafe behaviors! However, here are some things the general public doesn’t think are dangerous.

1 – Splashy Adventures

Riding Car
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Driving over a road with what may seem like a bit of water may seem harmless. However, beware! One can never know how deep the seemingly shallow water might be, and it can quickly send you off in unintended directions.

2 – Being Tired Might Be Costly

Tired Driver Driving has become an integral part of existence. There are so many places to get to with such little time! While people may think driving while tired is alright, it is the same as driving drunk. Someone warns that twenty hours of awakeness can significantly impair one’s ability to drive.

3 – Medication, Not Skittles

Taking Medicine
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medication is a go-to for many, as forum members indicate. However, everything in excess is bad. Next time you pop those Tylenol like candy, remember these painkillers can cause liver failure if overused. 

4 – Shake It Up: Why Your Body Needs More Sodium Than You Think

Woman cooking
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The human race underestimates the importance of sodium for their bodies. While you may have seen many warnings for too much salt, know that too little is just as harmful. It can send your body into a literal shock. 

5 – The Explosive Secret Lurking in Your Home

Springs tensioning the home garage door mechanism, visible disconnection of the electric drive and and spring protection.
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Almost every home carries a ticking bomb. The garage door spring has massive tension and, upon sudden breaking, can cause severe injuries to those nearby. One user recalls the time she thought a gauge went off when her garage door spring broke.

6 – Fun Fist Fights

Man punching
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Are you among those who love fake fighting with your pals? Be careful! While a full-force punch to the face might seem slightly harmful, it is, in fact, exceptionally deathly, as many forum members indicate. The number of deaths from such incidents is towering.

7 – Medications Going Sour

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Grapefruits are tasty! They are also popularly recommended by physicians for good health. But one lesser-known fact about them is they can interact with a broad range of medications leading to severe toxicity.

8 – Feet off the Dashboard!

Foot On Dashboard
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Despite the many warnings, people still underestimate the horrors of placing feet on the vehicle’s dashboard. Many warn people against such actions. One sudden head-on collision and those legs are gone. 

9 – Brazilian Butt Lifts

Model Posing
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Millions around the globe are praising this beauty procedure. Many women feel they can finally achieve their dream body, but getting this done is hard. Plus, multiple individuals discuss how it is among the most deadly cosmetic surgeries. The fat insertion may quickly be in the bloodstream and cause a fatal pulmonary embolism. Yikes!

10 – DIY Gone Wrong

Diy Cleaning
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Who knew two everyday household items could be lethal when mixed? Combining bleach with vinegar creates a toxic chlorine gas. Upon inhalation, the gas can kill within seconds. 

11 – Silence Can Be Deafeningly Dangerous

Wearing Headphones On Road
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Is listening to music on your earphones while strolling through the city a fantastic idea? Think again! By doing so, individuals limit their auditory sense, which is vital for being aware of their surroundings. As many members admit, it may seem tempting to plug them in and avoid the noisy city, but it’s better to safe than sorry. 

12 – Cuddles Gone Wrong

New Born And Mother
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Sleeping with your newborn in bed may seem like a cute idea, but do not proceed. Unfortunately, forum members discuss how many infant injuries are caused by parents accidentally smothering their little ones by rolling on them. Remember to cuddle with kindness. This thread inspired the post. Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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