12 Stereotypes About Men That Are Silly

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Many people expect men to be fearless, strong, aggressive, and ambitious. These are stereotypes that are, for the most part, true for most men. However, there are some ridiculous generalizations that are far from reality. 

Don’t Know What Yogurt Is

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Some men aren’t happy with the TV commercials that imply they don’t know yogurt or market it as a feminine food. 

Incapable of Doing Anything

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The same TV commercials depict men as non-intellectual beings who need their girlfriends or wives to help them. “We’re the people who forget to put the top on the blender and then stare in disbelief as our wife cleans the mess with one sheet of Bounty,” a user shares. 

If only these commercials showcased dads who clean, cook, or care for their kids because they do so in real life. 

Never Listens

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There’s a joke that husbands and boyfriends are the best people to tell secrets because they never listen. However, men find this unfair because to listen, they “often put a tremendous amount of effort into willfully ignoring everything.”

Labeled as Creepy When They Interact With Kids

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It’s also sad that men must be wary when interacting with their or other people’s kids in public because women view them as a threat. “I get it, be wary of strangers, but for God’s sake, why can’t we men enjoy time with our kids at the park, too?” asks a poster. 

Men Cannot Be Victims of Domestic Violence

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Moreover, men who report being victims of domestic violence get arrested before the police investigate their claims, only to discover their partners were indeed guilty. “Anybody can be a victim of abuse regardless of gender,” a user points out. 

Besides, just because a man had an erection during the abuse doesn’t mean he consented or enjoyed it. 

Men Are Cheaters

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“The stereotype is we’re more like werewolves. Hot women are like full moons, and in their presence, we become incapable of controlling our urges,” explains a guy. However, many men have refused advances and remain faithful to their partners.

Obsessed With Sports

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There is a huge difference between love and obsession. Many men love playing or watching sports, but that doesn’t mean they spend every minute obsessing about them. Moreover, some men genuinely don’t like any sports. 

Fine With Rejection

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Many people think that men are incapable of feeling anything or generally okay when a potential employer or partner rejects them. But that’s far from the truth. Others also think they are okay with not being desired or getting compliments, but they aren’t. A guy confesses, “Two weeks ago, a random woman on the street just said, ‘Nice T-shirt.’ Simple as that! But it made my week.”

Emotionless and Don’t Cry

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Indeed, men rarely expose their vulnerability because society expects them not to. However, they do cry. “My wife died last fall, and my co-workers seem to act like I should be over it. The truth is, I go home every night and cry alone,” admits a widower. 

And if we are being realistic about men being emotionless, “being happy is an emotion too.”

Men Are Not Good at Cooking

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“It’s offensive because I cook, clean, grocery shop, and look after my kid much better than my wife does,” says a dad who hates the commercials and society’s perception. 

Have to Pay For Dinner

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“Women have money too,” points out a guy on how unfair this responsibility is. 

Gross and Dirty

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Some men are dirty, but that doesn’t mean all men are. 

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