12 Outright Signs of Addiction to Social Media Attention

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Social media platforms exist to make connecting with far away friends and loved ones easier. But in the last few years, it’s been added to the list of addictions. In some cases, social media has even become the cause of mental illnesses. Watch out for these 12 classic signs that someone is addicted to social media attention.

Posting Quotes to Stories

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Here are a few quotes that scream ‘I want attention,’ “They threw me to the wolves, but I came back as the leader of the pack.” “Don’t forget to keep your circle small.” “Trust nobody.” “I don’t chase. I attract.” 

Posting Theirself Crying

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And then there are those annoying people who post pictures or videos of themselves crying. A commentator says, “The super fun thing about some of these videos is they are edited too. Like someone took the time to record themselves crying and carefully cut and edit the whole thing.”

Giving Money

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Posting a recording of giving money to people experiencing poverty also screams attention. Charity acts should never be confused with clout chasing and exploitation. “A true act of charity is silent,” clarifies a poster. 

Declaring They’re Leaving Social Media

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Do you want to leave social media? Fine. But there is no need to declare your intentions to everyone. Besides, attention seekers always come back, and some never go in the first place. 


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Another common sign is vaguebooking posts where you “make a mysterious post because you want people to ask about it.” Here is an example, “Needing my prayer warriors to raise me up right now! Please don’t ask questions, it’s personal.” Please, we need an idea about what we are praying about!  

Posting Kid’s Meltdown

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Some people will also seek attention by posting their kid’s meltdowns. “It is disrespectful and sad,” writes one user. These parents share these clips to showcase “some act of parenting greatness.’ 

Whines, “I’m Ugly”

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You will also come across “attractive people who whine in the ‘Am I ugly’ posts knowing they are fine and just fishing for compliments,” reads a post. 

Adding “Viral” in the Caption

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“Viral food! Viral t-shirt! Viral gaming chair!” or any ‘viral’ mention in a post screams attention seeker. 


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You will also find self-pity posts like, “I’m so sad,” “Nobody likes me,” “Drop a heart emoji if you love me,” or “Nobody understands me,” intended to catch your attention.

Acting Like You Don’t See the Camera

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Some individuals take selfies and act like they don’t see the camera. Or, “they act surprised when they see the camera.” 

Constant Photo Posting

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Attention seekers will also post constant photos, which is annoying. A user says, “No one wants to see your 85 pictures from vacation or your daily photos of your kid’s breakfasts, school plays, sporting events, and Oh! Now here’s our dinner.” 

Posting Videos of Dancing in the Middle of a Public Area

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Oh, and there are the dancing videos in random public areas like the airport, outside a restaurant, laundromat, to name a few. And these people will flip out when you walk into the frame as they are shooting their videos.

The solution? Onee user recommends, “That dancing thing should be met with criminal charges.”

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