12 Things You Thought Were Normal but Are Actually Scams

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Scams were once easily detected because of their obvious and ridiculous schemes. But today, scams are so low key that people don’t even realize they are being duped. Here are 12 scams that have shockingly been normalized by society.    

Convenience Fees

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Why should you incur an additional credit card or online payment charge? “It doesn’t cost $6.50 to send me an electronic ticket,” complains a user. Another commentator wonders, “Who’s convenience am I paying for? It’s easier and cheaper for them, and I have to pay more.”  

It’s wild that you pay for a “service charge, convenience charge, online charge, and additional fees.”

Hospital Expenses

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Isn’t it insane that hospitals “can literally charge whatever they want,” and the people in position don’t regulate it? 

Fitness Influencers Selling “Brand New, Never Before Discovered” Supplements

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Many fitness influences promote “brand new, never-before discovered” supplements. One user explains why they do this, “The obvious logic flaw with this is the supplement didn’t exist for them to use it to get in the shape they are in if they just created it.”

Concessions at Any Event

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It is also mind-boggling how society normalized concessions at events. “$12 for a beer, $18 for a little plastic cup of crappy wine, and $5 for bottled water?” asks an annoyed user.

Another user narrates, “We went to a club the other night, and they charged $2 for bottled water. I said tap water was fine, but the bartender said they weren’t allowed to do that, bottled only.” Isn’t that a scam? 

Two-Party System

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Do you find the two-party system normal? Well, “it weaponizes cultural rhetoric and creates us vs. them over broad strokes ideologies.” Many online users wish for ranked voting.

Nursing Homes

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Nursing homes are not as great as advertised. An EMS who occasionally gets called into nursing homes explains they “cannot treat a simple fever,” they offer “substandard care,” and “don’t want to be liable for anything, so they call an ambulance and send the patient to the ER.”


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Tipping waiters, waitresses, delivery guys, and cashiers to compensate for their unlivable wages is ridiculous. “I can’t afford to subsidize your salary with a tip,” shares a poster. 

Low-Interest Savings

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Many banks offer low-interest savings and monthly charges for checking accounts. “You’re investing my money and profiting, and now you want me to pay for you to hold my money?” wonders a user. 

Price Hikes Before Big Sales Events

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One commentator explains this scam, “Product X costs $20 normally. A week before Prime Day, it goes up to $25. Prime Day, it’s $18, but it shows you are saving $7 because it’s such a great deal, but in reality, you’re saving $2.” Surprisingly, this trick works since many people fall for it. 

Overdraft Fees on Declined Transactions

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Why charge a $35 overdraft fee for a declined transaction? The account has insufficient money, yet there is an additional fee! “Talk about kicking someone when they are already down,” writes a poster.  

Consenting to Give All Your Data Away

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“Consenting to give all your data way to be sold for someone else’s benefit by using a service” is another normalized scam.

“We truly don’t think about it,” says a user, “It’s easy to care about hidden fees. It’s harder to notice how often you’ve opted out of your basic rights so you could sign up for the 6th website this week.”

Multi-Level Marketing

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Sadly, although many people know pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing are scams, they still fall for them. Lately, “it’s called affiliate marketing,” but despite the name change, nothing more has changed. 

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