Boomers Under Fire: Unveiling the Top 12 Complaints Against Them

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It’s no secret that many Millenials and Gen X despise Baby Boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964). But have you ever wondered why they can’t stand Baby Boomers? These 12 reasons give a deeper insight into why people detest the older generation. 

They Pulled the Ladder up Behind Them

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The younger generations feel that Boomers “were handed the ladder (but) they left none for those coming behind them.” One commentator explains that it is as if “they pulled the ladder up and then judge us for not having our own.”

Voted for Ronald Reagan

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Most people feel things “really started going wrong when they (Boomers) elected Reagan as president.” A poster writes, “Reagan was the difference between a downward slope and a steep cliff.” 

Hold a Far Greater Percentage of Wealth

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The Boomers indeed have the most significant percentage of wealth, “hoarding the money and property from previous generations” and “yelling that everyone else is lazy.”

No Crippling Student Debt to Pay

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Additionally, the Boomers “grew up in a period of unprecedented economic prosperity due to the New Deal policies and the postwar boom of manufacturing exports.” Thanks to this, they did not incur huge, crippling student debts since education was affordable. 

Labels Every New Generation as “Weak”

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The Boomers are also quick to call new generations weak, weaklings, or lazy, “unstunningly aware that they are the weak men.” While the younger generations currently fight to get educated and acquire investments, Boomers sat and had the older generations do their hard work.

They Had It Easier

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Boomers lived in a great post-World War II economic expansion era, enjoying an easier time. “They benefited from postwar growth and then messed the rest of us in 1979,” reads a post. The Greatest and Silent Generations fought to build a better society and handed them a “silver platter.”

Most Entitled and Spoiled Generation

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Moreover, Baby Boomers always feel entitled and are exceptionally rude. Many online users say they throw full-blown tantrums when their demands are unmet.

One poster narrates, “I stopped to let an old lady cross the parking lot in front of me, and this Boomer woman in a BMW just lost her mind, beeping, waving her hands around, yelling at me because I stopped to let an old woman cross.”  

Superiority Complex

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Baby Boomers believe they are just better than the rest. “Boomers were considered the most narcissistic generation in history to the point that they even were named in the 70s as the ‘Me Generation,'” points out a user.  

Most Arrogant Generation

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Also, they are the most arrogant, sexist, and racist generation. 

Don’t Understand Things Don’t Work Like They Used To

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In the past, “Boomers walked into a job at 15 with no experience and within a few years owned a house, 2 cars, paid for 3 or 4 children, and had money left over to start buying investment properties,” explains a poster, “then they claim that younger generations could do this too, which they cant.”

In fact, it has become impossible to own property even when someone works two jobs. 

Blaming Their Children for Their Fiscal Responsibility

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One poster explains, “(Boomers) went to college at affordable prices because the Greatest Generation thought it was important to subsidize them or got good union jobs – unions their parents fought for. And after all the blessings they were given, they demanded massive tax cuts, going on a huge debt binge, and then blaming their children for their fiscal responsibility.” 

No wonder the younger generations are throwing so much shade. 

Took Advantage of Their Situation

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This generation also took advantage of “college tuitions, affordable health care, housing regulations, Wall Street regulations, labor laws/unions, etc.,” yet “actively voted and worked to remove them.”

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