12 Professions No One Wants to Date

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While everyone has relationship deal breakers, many people believe their potential partner’s line of work can be a huge turnoff. In fact, most aren’t open to dating anyone in these 12 professions. 


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You’d think teachers would be on the preferred date- or marriage-type profession, but it’s not for many people. Even teachers admit they wouldn’t date their colleagues. Why so? Because they love to party and have a degree of craziness. 


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Although comedians make people happy, they are also on the list of professions people don’t want to date. Some mention they don’t want to be part of the set, while others don’t want to pretend they’re happy listening to repeated jokes. 


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People also avoid nurses because they have a highly demanding job, leaving them barely any energy after their shift. “They take care of people all day, so they expect to be catered at home,” says a poster.

However, one nurse disagrees with this statement and writes, “I don’t expect to be catered to at home. However, after catering to people all day, I’m not catering to you. You are on your own.”


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Many report they wouldn’t want to date lawyers because they’d be subjected to endless arguments as their partners tried to prove a point. 

A user who has dated three lawyers says, “They are usually whip-smart at conversations, but you have to remember they’re essentially trained to argue. Disagreements turn into what feels like a cross-examination under oath.” 

Prison Guards

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Correctional officers play a vital role in society by overseeing prisoner’s safety and rehabilitation. However, some people wouldn’t date them because they are accustomed to having power and authority over others. They explain most correctional officers tend to be abusive or violent. 


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Cops also get a bad rap in the dating and marriage scene. “They get used to manhandling anyone who doesn’t do what they say, and that attitude comes home with them,” says a poster.


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The fact that realtors are always working weekends or on vacation turns many people off. Most realtors are divorced because they prioritize their work over marriage.

Political Staffers

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“The reason you shouldn’t date political staffers isn’t that we can’t stop talking about politics or we’re schemers, or whatever. It’s because we never have any time or money, especially in election years,” confesses a political staffer with eight years of experience.

Coroner or a Forensic Medical Examiner

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A user who discourages a relationship with a coroner or forensic medical examiner says, “You will stay forever thin from the lack of appetite after endless stories of ‘What I saw at work today…’”

Social Media Creators or Influencers

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The main reason why people won’t date influencers and social media content creators is because everything about them is perceived as content. They are always looking for that signature viral video that they dismiss everything and anyone else. “Most of them are so self-absorbed, it’s wild,” says a poster. 


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Doctors are also on this list because even though they receive a decent income, they’re barely available for their partners. A wife writes, “My husband is a resident with 60-100 work weeks for the past 6 years. When he’s done in June, he’ll have 12 weeks’ vacation a year.” 

However, some users mention not all doctors are stuck with wild work schedules. A pathologist says, “I pretty much work a 9-5 job with a couple of hours of overtime here and there and virtually no on-call.” 


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Lastly, some religious and non-religious people wouldn’t commit to dating pastors. A pastor’s daughter says, “Unless you really want a public life full of obligation and religion, pass on the clergy.” She explains their family was always under scrutiny, their dad was treated like public property, and they’d be called in at any time to help the congregation. 

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