12 Previously Normal 80s Things That Are Being Cancelled Today

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A lot of things have changed over the decades. Some social constructs like gender identity are more accepted in this modern age. However, certain social behaviors like going over to your neighbor’s without calling first can already be seen as a breach of privacy. Here are 12 normal things from the 80s that are unacceptable now.

Showing Up to Someone’s House

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It was normal to show up at someone’s door unannounced and be warmly invited for coffee, a meal, and a chat. “It was never an imposition.” Today, however, “that kind of thing seems unacceptable because of how easy it is to communicate.” 

Walking Up to a Stranger’s House and Asking to Use the Phone

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This was acceptable in the 80s and 90s, but many online users blame Clockwork Orange for ruining things. Today, one is skeptical before asking or helping a stranger with their phone. Do they want to steal it? Is it a home invasion? 

Drinks Cabinets in the Office

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“My dad was a bank manager in the early 1980s and had a drinks cabinet in his office,” recalls a poster, “A meeting would often begin with, ‘Drink? Whisky and soda?'” 

Management didn’t worry about employees getting wasted during work hours. Additionally, “smoking at your desk at work,” at the hospital, or on an airplane was allowed. 

Saying Goodbye or Meeting Someone at the Gate in an Airport

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This was always a sentimental and romantic goodbye or welcome during the 80s. Sadly, “the sentimentality is cut drastically as the person flying has to get there 2-3 hours early, stand in the security line, etc. Back in the day, your partner used to be with you the whole time you were waiting,” recalls a poster.

Display the Names of People Who Issued Bad Checks

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Public shaming was a thing, too. You’d find “big signs next to the registers in every store” with the names of people who wrote bad checks. Now, people rely on credit and debit cards. 

Kids Riding in the Back of Pickup Trucks

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Today, you won’t see children sitting in the back of pickup trucks. But in the 80s, it was totally normal. 

Sexual Assault Used as Slapstick Comedy

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Back in the 80s, people didn’t see anything wrong with this. “Stalking, casual sexual harassment, and random violence from characters” was viewed as a romantic gesture and was easily dismissed.

Also, “implying a character was gay was a constant joke for years,” though TV producers have dropped this. 

Open and Unabashed Homophobia

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Gay people were openly bullied and persecuted in the 80s and 90s. “It was pretty bad back then,” says a user. But it’s different today as baby gays receive support from friends and social media. 

Spanking Children

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Nobody cared if you spanked your children, not the government or neighbors. It didn’t seem harsh or traumatic. “My father told me that on my first day of school, he had told the teachers that it would be okay to spank me in front of other students if they were getting out of hand, even if I hadn’t done anything wrong,” writes a poster.

Luckily for today’s kids, spanking is not allowed.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

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It was awful, but “people used to stay quiet.” Lately, however, thanks to the Me-Too Movement and other activists, workplace sexual harassment has toned down. 

Casual Racist Jokes

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“I casually told horribly racist jokes as a child that have me horrified now. People treated it like it was completely normal at the time,” recalls a poster who got that from TV, movies, and people on the street. Now, these jokes don’t fly around much. 

Dedicated Smoking Areas for Students

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Believe it or not, in the 80s, high school students were allowed to smoke. They even had a dedicated smoking area on the campus. 

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