12 Most Universally Liked Foods

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Given the chance, these 12 foods would unite the world. It’s amazing to see how people from different cultures and countries share the same favorite dishes, even when they originated from distant lands. 


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Many people worldwide love bread because it’s a simple, cheap food. It’s perfect for making sandwiches and toast, dipping in sauce, and as a base for pizza. 

“Humanity has been baking bread for thousands and thousands of years. All cultures and countries cook bread in one form or another,” explains a poster. 


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Rice is also popular in many countries. In fact, it is a staple food in Asia. Many people love that they can serve it with different things.

One user recalls, “My mom made plain rice with almost everything. Chili was always served over rice, stuffed peppers were common (stuffed with meat and rice), sautéed veggies and tomatoes were also served with rice, and pork chops and rice. It was on almost every dinner, and I loved it.”


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Pizza originates in Italy. However, it’s become so widespread that it’s available almost everywhere on the globe. Users agree with Michael Scott’s description (from The Office sitcom) that pizza is a great equalizer among people of different races and classes.


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Potatoes are also universally loved due to their versatility. You can bake, roast, mash, dip in stew, deep fry, or air fry them to make delicious meals. Besides, they go well with other ingredients. 

Dough With a Filling

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Different cultures have contrasting names for dumplings, including empanadas, lumpia, samosa, pasties, pierogis, and gyoza. But despite the name difference, they are universally loved. 


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Crispy, salty French fries are a universally loved food. Many describe it as a guilty-pleasure food because it triggers feel-good hormones despite being junk food. Plus, it’s cheap to buy and easy to make at home. 


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Some people would rank chocolate as the #1 most universally liked food due to its sweet taste, though others love the bitter kind. You can eat it as a bar or add it to cookies, drinks, desserts, or ruffles.  

One poster testifies, “As someone who can’t eat chocolate (I suffer a reaction akin to celiac), I can confirm that the world loves chocolate.”


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Chicken is also widely loved across the world. Crispy, fried chicken, for instance, is a comfort food for many. 


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This Mexican street food is also loved for its diverse fillings, tasty toppings, and affordable price. A user writes, “Pizza is simply an unfolded taco, dumplings are simply unfolded tacos, but tacos are everything.”


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Cheese has also dominated many parts of the world, with many integrating it into their recipes. For instance, it wasn’t common in Asia, but people are now trying it out.  


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Other than bread, sandwiches are also enjoyed all over the world. They are a convenient snack you can grab almost anywhere and eat as you go, contain different fillings, and are a comfort food that brings up fond, nostalgic memories.  


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Pasta also originates in Italy, but it has become universally loved for its cheap price and versatility. Moreover, it’s convenient to cook as it only requires boiling it in hot water for a few minutes and adding your favorite sauce.

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