12 Dangerous Things Parents Tell Their Children

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Most people understand that how you speak to a friend, child, partner, or neighbor can heal or hurt them. You wouldn’t expect a parent to say to tell their kid words like, “I don’t love you” or “You are my worst regret”. Tragic as it may sound, it does happen, and there are more toxic things parents say to their children.

“I’m Tired of Pretending to Love You”

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Some kids have heard their parents say these harsh words, which are still imprinted on their memories. The parents were likely narcissists or suffering from a mental illness. Nevertheless, a few users mentioned they’d respond, “That makes two of us.” 

“You’re Just Like Your Father!”

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This statement stings because it is never said positively. Usually, it’s after saying bad things “about the other parent and then comparing you to them.” 

A user who had this line dropped on him as a teenager had an instant comeback, “Well, you married him and then stayed long enough to have kids, so that’s on you.”

“I Wish You Were Never Born”

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Ouch! But honestly, whose fault was it to have kids in the first place? So, it’s understandable why some children retort, “Me too.”

“Life Would Be Better Without You”

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Some parents will even add, “You are the reason for our misery,” two statements that hurt years later. And it’s gone too far for some kids as their parents attempted to end their lives. “My mom once tried to overdose me on pills,” recalls a user.  

Other similar toxic statements include “You are ruining our marriage,” “I could have done so much in my life if it wasn’t for you,” and “I hope you die.” 

“So You’re Saying That I’m a Bad Parent”

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This is a victim complex that other parents use on their kids when they can’t take constructive criticism. Statements like “Oh, so I’m the bad guy?” or “You hate me, don’t you?” are also used in the same context.


“Your Uncle Wouldn’t Mess With You If You…”

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Imagine a parent pinning the blame on their child for being molested instead of consoling them! And “when a family member openly molests other family members, close family tend to protect the molester and silence the victim.” This is too toxic.

“I’m Going to Throw Myself off a Building, You All Hate Me Anyway”

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Kids who’ve heard this mention they were terrified when they were younger. Time, however, made them immune to the torture, with some even responding, “Go ahead and get over with it already.”

“You’ll Never Be the Man That I Am”

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Sad as this statement is, some kids have been motivated by spite to never become the man their father was. 

“You’re the Reason Why Your Dad and I Almost Divorced”

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No child should listen to this accusation, but some parents happily drop it because they don’t want to take fault for their failing marriage. A user recalls his dad saying this in the middle of a nasty divorce, “We only got married because your mom was pregnant with you.”

“I Don’t Believe You”

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A few parents also dismiss their kid’s claims of sexual assault with this line. A male user writes, “When I told her (the mom), she said, ‘I don’t believe you,’ and then slapped me through my face.”

“No Man Would Ever Want to Marry You”

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In other words, these toxic parents mean their daughters aren’t good-looking. One user reports, “When I was 11, I overheard my mother telling someone that at least my looks meant she didn’t have to worry about me being molested or raped. That messed me up for years.”

“You’re Worthless”

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A lady who was told this shares, “Two decades have passed, and it still pinches me to date. When I have kids, they are never visiting their grandparents without supervision.”

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