12 Most Overrated Beverages

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These 12 beverages have gained massive hype and popularity. But, some people feel they are overrated in quality, taste, and price. 


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Prime tops the list as it doesn’t meet many people’s expectations in taste. “Prime is basically an anti-sports drink. They added a bunch of stuff your body doesn’t need and removed the things it does need during a workout,” says a poster.

Another adds, “Prime is the little hugs of the 80s. Every kid wants them, but they are disgusting.”

Red Bull

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Many people feel Red Bull is overrated, too. Advertisements mention it’s an energetic drink, but its high sugar levels can result in different health conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart palpitations. 


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Fireball is a preferred chugging liquor for many. However, it has had terrible consequences for a few. “I chugged a whole fifth by myself and was so sick within the next couple of hours. I was lying on the sidewalk in the middle of Seattle, surrounded by homeless people asking if I was okay,” confesses a user. 

Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks coffee
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Some people swear Starbucks’ drinks are of premium quality compared to their competitors. However, others find their coffee overrated and overpriced because it always tastes burnt. They prefer grabbing their drinks from local baristas.

Monster Energy

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Monster Energy is another overrated energy drink on the list. Some dislike its taste, while others are unhappy with the high sugar and caffeine levels. The White Monster drink, however, doesn’t receive much dislike because many enjoy the light citrus flavor. 

IPA Beers

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IPA Beer is popular and often regarded as regular beer. But its taste doesn’t sit right with many. One poster says, “I don’t want to have my beer tasting like I’m chewing on my neighbor’s pine needles,” with another adding, “It tastes like a mown lawn.”

White Claw

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White Claw is another overhyped beverage that tastes horrible for some users. “It tastes like what I expect TV static would taste like,” says a commentator. Others mention they gagged after every attempt to sip the drink. 

Additionally, a few people criticize the drink’s high sugar content. 


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Soju has gained popularity for its smooth and mild texture, yet it packs alcohol content similar to some beverages. Nevertheless, some people think this Korean Vodka doesn’t deserve the hype. 

Mountain Dew

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Mountain Dew is a popular but overrated and disgusting soda for many. Some mention it tastes flat, while others say it’s too acidic.


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Seltzer drinks also feel overhyped even though they are marketed as healthier alternatives to alcoholic drinks. A commentator writes, “The biggest problem I have with them is they only put ‘just a hint’ of flavor in them. And it’s not a very good hint.”


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“Tequila is gross. The salt and the lemon squeeze don’t help at all. The taste is horrible,” swears a poster, with another sharing, “Bad tequila is horrible. Good tequila is overpriced. No one wins.”


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Some people mention that high-distilled vodkas are overrated as they are plain and tasteless. “It tastes like nothing anyway. Having it filtered one or ten times makes no difference if it goes mixed with stuff and is literally water and alcohol. You can’t get fancier versions of them,” points out a user. 

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