12 Easy Ways to Pick a Boomer Out of a Crowd

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How would you spot a boomer from the crowd without asking their age? This post-war generation is quite famous for the values they hold. They are known for their strong work ethic, self-reliance, and being goal-oriented. But there’s more to them; this guide highlights the top 12 Boomer characteristics. 

Enjoys Peering Through the Blinds

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Peering through the blinds and passing judgment on neighbors is a guilty pleasure for many boomers. Others justify the behavior as keeping an eye on the neighborhood. 

A user writes, “When I am home, I have the curtains open to my large living room window. I do recognize the walkers and runners that pass by. Some have been given nicknames, or I learn their habits on when they’ll walk by.”

Turn off All Lights and Appliances

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Boomers will also switch off all appliances and lights because they want to avoid incurring a huge energy bill. 

“I still have to explain to my Boomer mom that even if every light in the house and every phone were getting charged, it would still use less power than a single light bulb from her 30s,” says a commentator. 

Hate QR Code Menus

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It makes sense that restaurants are switching to QR code menus for efficiency, convenience, and customer safety, but boomers hate them passionately. “I have told several restaurant workers that forcing us to read menus on our tiny phone screens is ableist,” says a Boomer.

Clueless About Who the Most Famous People Are

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Additionally, boomers are often clueless about celebrities. But one poster justifies this, “There are just so many of them now. In my Boomer youth, we had 12 channels and movie theaters. Now, we have 500 channels and a dozen streaming services creating content, plus Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, etc.”

Hate When People Drive Fast Down the Street

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They are always irritated by loud motorcycles and people driving fast down the street. A poster complains, “All the neighborhood kids here have dirt bikes and/or four-wheelers that they race up and down the roads, all day long, even after dark at bat-out-of-hell speeds. Just shut up already!!!”

Prefer Reading in Print

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“I need any serious reading on paper. I can read things like Reddit just fine on the screen, but serious business reports, articles, contracts, etc., I need that printed out for me to focus and read carefully,” shares a Boomer. 

Another adds, “Same. I can’t even read books on Kindle because, for some reason, I can’t concentrate. My eyes move, but I am not taking it in.”

Remembering and Comparing Grocery Prices

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You’ll also find boomers remembering and comparing grocery prices, “always by the small price.” A poster writes, “This is a Boomer thing? I thought it was an OCD + cheapskate thing. Guilty, by the way.”

Another characteristic is “remembering and complaining about how fruits and vegetables in the grocery tasted better back in the day.”

Have a Favorite Stove Burner

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This might seem weird to younger people, but boomers have a favorite stove burner, with front right and front left burners being the most preferred options.

A Big, Covered Porch Is a Must

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Since boomers love watching passersby, it makes sense that they’re the generation that loves a big, covered porch. Some things they want on the porch include “a wrap with a swing, rocking chair, and a little table for any snacks and drinks.”

TikTok Is Not Appealing

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Younger generations enjoy creating and watching TikTok videos. How about boomers? Well, they do not find the app appealing. 

More Resistant to Change

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And by change, it means relearning “everyday life things” like grocery resets and new technology. 

Despises Gen Z Slang

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Not the Gen Z slang. “They just borrow 90% of it from Drag Race anyway,” scoffs a poster.

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