The 12 Sports That Are Incredibly Dull to Watch

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While most sports are exhilarating to watch, some games are yawn-inducing because they are either painstakingly slow, too fast, or too long. And, out of all the 3,000 sports worldwide, a popular online forum says these are the most boring sports to watch. 


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A fencing round is far from entertaining because fencers “are so fast that you have no idea what happened. It’s a couple of people with swords bouncing back and forth for about 30 seconds; something happens, and then it’s over.”

Little League Tee Ball

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Many online users call it a “game of strikeouts and walks.” One user recalls, “When my sister got old enough for kids’ pitch softball, it was the worst. The girls couldn’t throw it hard enough to get over home plate. It was walk after walk after walk, and it was so hard watching all the parents continue to be supportive, but at this point, nobody wants to be there.”

Drone Racing

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A drone racer says he wouldn’t watch the sport “because it’s probably so fast you wouldn’t even understand.” Plus, it looks great from the pilot’s perspective but “meh from the outside.”


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Golf is another boring sport, with numerous users calling it “great background TV to sleep to.” One post reads, “Golf is the ultimate stoner sport. Nice scenery and the commentators talk in a soothing tone. You don’t have to think about what’s happening because they recap the table every few minutes.”

Moreover, tracking the white golf ball on your screen is practically impossible, and golfers rarely display enthusiasm.


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A rowing competitor admits this sport is “still the dullest thing in the world.” It only gets entertaining “when someone accidentally ends up in the wrong lane” or “someone catches a crab.” 


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A poster hates watching MMA fights featuring two defensive fighters, “(There’s) nothing more boring than watching two people just circle one another and actively avoiding doing the one thing that everyone is paying them to do.”


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“I fish bass tournaments, and I can’t watch fishing,” confesses a user. It is “most pointless” and boring. 

But some fishing enthusiasts find the sport fun. One says, “It is cool to see how the pros do it and how they can consistently get catches in environments they haven’t fished before.”


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“It’s high-speed flying ice chess, with screaming,” says a poster, with another adding they love watching it when drunk because it gets them hyped. Nevertheless, a few fans find it “very therapeutic to watch.”

Formula One/NASCAR

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“As a huge Formula One fan, depending on where the race is, it’s even more boring than NASCAR,” reads a post, with a different poster saying, “I like Formula One, but this is me every (NASCAR) race: watch start, fall asleep on the couch, and wake up for the last 10 laps.” 


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Surfing is rated a boring sport because it features “hours of contestants just bobbing around the ocean and commentators trying their best to fill the gaps during the action.” A lifelong surfer adds, “The wait for waves is super boring as a contest spectator.”


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Test cricket is another boring game where players “can play for 5 days only for it to end up in a draw.” Nevertheless, it still has some die-hard fans. “Test cricket is the best form of cricket as it eliminates luck in favor of skill and strategy,” mentions a fan. 


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A cyclist who loves the strategy of the sport reports, “I get bored watching people pedal for hours only for the real action to start a few miles away from the finish line.”

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