12 Outlandish Bible Verses That Are Hard to Figure Out

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The Bible has the greatest collection of proven stories in the world. It’s no wonder that it is also one of the most influential books. However, most of messages are still up for interpretation. And these 12 verses leave people confused and also shocked.

Leviticus 18:7

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There are two prevalent reasons why this verse is weird. First, you shouldn’t have “sexual relations with your mother” because it will dishonor your father. And second, it doesn’t emphasize the same about having sexual relations with your father, which begs the question if this is acceptable. 

Psalms 137:9

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Any parent reading this will get chills. The scripture says, “Happy is the one who seizes your infant and dashes them against rocks.” What? How does the act of harming innocent children get labeled happy even when one is vengeful? 

2 Kings 2:23-25

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Laughing at a bald man’s head, as the boys in these verses did, is inappropriate. However, Elisha unleashed a strong and unnecessary punishment upon them. He cursed them, and as if that wasn’t enough, he summoned two bears. 

Proverbs 21:19

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It is bizarre that the Bible mentions an account of how terrible it is for a man to live with a quarrelsome, complaining wife. The verse even adds that living in the desert alone is much more peaceful. 

Deuteronomy 25:11

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What’s weird about this verse is the “show no mercy” bit. Apparently, if a wife saw her husband fighting with another man and she grabbed the other man’s privates to help her husband, the law dictated her hand be cut off. 

Deuteronomy 23:1

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This scripture states that castrated men are not worthy of entering the Lord’s congregation. Do you think it also includes men who’ve undergone vasectomies? 

Judges 1:19

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After reading this verse, one commentator wonders, “The all-powerful creator of the universe couldn’t handle some chunks of iron?”

Mark 11:12-25

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Plants have different fruit-bearing seasons. In this account, Jesus is hungry and walks up to a fig tree. However, he gets mad at it for not having fruit off-season (which is not how nature works) and curses it.

Mark 14:51-52

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Did you know there was a young man “who stalked Jesus when he was arrested?” It is documented in this verse: when he was seized, he left his garment and ran away naked.           

Genesis 16:6-9 (Niv)

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Are you tired of your toxic employer? Well, you might not enjoy reading these verses. The Lord tells Hagar to “go back to Sarai, her mistress, and submit to her,” even though Sarai mistreated her. This might not seem like the best course of action, but Hagar obeyed. 

1 Samuel 18:27

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In some cultures, you are expected to pay a dowry upon marriage. In the Bible, however, it takes a weird turn. Saul asked David to bring 100 Philistine’s foreskins so he could marry his daughter. 

Proverbs 13:24

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Does this verse mean “if you don’t beat your kids, you don’t love them,” or is it a hyperbole “saying you shouldn’t let your kid get away with everything?” Regardless, it fits in the bizarre category. 

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