12 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Going to Europe

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Europe is high on everyone’s bucket list. When you do decide to finally make the trip, make sure you read up on things other than the must-see places. Respecting another culture and embracing the foreign experience should also be on your research list. That said, here are 12 things you should NOT do on your first trip to Europe.

Renting a Car if Staying in the City

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The better, cheaper alternative would be to call an Uber, get a taxi, or use public transport. But if you choose to “rent a car, don’t use a local company. Use an international chain that might help you if you have a breakdown.”

Accepting Anything That Is Handed to You

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Note that nothing offered is free. When you take a rose, bracelet, or whatever freebie, these people will demand money or other favors. What if you accidentally take what they are offering, and they refuse to take it back? Put it respectfully on the ground and walk away. 

Falling for Street Scammers

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“If someone starts talking to you randomly, there is a 99% chance it’s a scam,” mentions one user. “Also, don’t tell the vendor your name. They will rush to personalize something and cause a scene if you don’t buy it,” notes another. 

Other scams to look for include people asking for directions so they can distract and steal from you or those dressed in costumes asking you to take pictures together and then charging you absurd money. 

Doing a Hitler Salute

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Also, don’t try the Hitler salute, even as a joke in Germany, because it’s illegal. Moreover, “people in general don’t like it. You’ll be arrested, and the people will be on the police’s side.”

Putting Your Bag on the Back of the Chair

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Avoid this by placing your backpack where you can see it. Or, use a cross-body bag to flip it to the front or on your lap when waiting at a restaurant.  Additionally, “don’t leave stuff lying in the seat next to you on public transport.”

Not Learning Basic Local Language

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Next, learn a few phrases of the local dialect before your trip. “It really is a nice gesture,” and people will warm up to you. 

Assuming That European Countries Are the Same

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Well, Europe is a continent with 44 countries. So, don’t generalize Europe, as it won’t sit well with locals. Remember that each country has laws, cultures, currencies, and political scenes. A user explains, “As a Spanish person currently living in Sweden, I can confirm the difference is huge.”


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Also, don’t take the American tipping culture to Europe. However, a 5-10% tip will do if you feel compelled to. 

Staying in Major Cities the Whole Vacation

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Don’t make the mistake of secluding yourself to just one part of the culture. Instead, “try traveling to some smaller cities and even villages and go on a few trips into nature.”

Splitting Taxis With a Stranger

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While splitting fare might seem like a great idea to save money, it isn’t. It makes you prone to dangerous scenarios like theft, kidnapping, or death. 

Not Being Respectful to Memorial Places

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Memorial places commemorate tragic events and deaths. Therefore, do not be disrespectful by talking or laughing too loudly and taking selfies. 

Wasting Money on American Food

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“You flew 5,000 miles across an ocean, so don’t waste your time eating American food you could have gotten in Ohio,” advises a traveler. Instead, try local cuisines. You could ask the hotel staff about their favorite hanging out spots. 

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