12 Little Things That Annoy People the Most

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Little gestures from other people can make your day. But simple things can just as easily ruin your mood. And it’s even worse when the people that annoy you don’t know that they did anything wrong. Do these 12 minor inconveniences drive you crazy too?

Someone Goes to the Bathroom Before You Do

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The first mild inconvenience that annoys most online users is when someone steps into the shower or bathroom right before you. Sometimes you might be waiting patiently at a social gathering for someone to stop talking or get up, and someone else at the table gets up first to got to the bathroom. Or, when you are in the gym, and someone beats you to a piece of equipment you need. 

Water Trickling Down Your Elbows When Washing Your Face

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A user who has suffered this writes, “I’m so enraged by thinking of this.” But a different user has a solution, “I wear wrist sweatbands. I never get trickled anymore.”

People Who Block the Entire Aisle Just to Chat

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“Go park your carts somewhere else and talk,” recommends a user. Somewhere that’s not the aisle.

Button Jumps as You’re Clicking

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Online users also hate it when they click on a window or app then the button jumps. One commentator gives an example, “When you click on someone’s profile on Xbox to send a message, but then it jumps down the list, and you accidentally hit invite to private chat.” Other apps with similar mishaps are Instagram and Twitter.

People Trying to Open a Locked Bathroom

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Another crazy inconvenience is when people try to yank open a locked bathroom door, even when it has an occupied sign. One user explains he yells, “Come in” when someone tries to force their way.

Forgot Something in the Living Room When You’re Already Comfortable in Bed

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Users point out the disappointment of getting cozy in bed only to feel the urge to pee. “You have two options: wake up now and go to the bathroom, or fall asleep and wake up two hours later feeling like your bladder is about to explode,” explains a commentator.

Dropping Your Keys Trying to Open the Door

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This happens at the worst possible times, like when your hands are full, it is raining, or you urgently need to use the bathroom. 

Can’t Plug Something Into a Power Strip Because the Plugs Are Too Big

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An angry user writes, “They need to stop making oversized plugs which block the other plug.”

Unskippable Ads on YouTube

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“I know this pain! And you can’t stop to change anything with your wet hands,” reads a post. Another post explains, “They (YouTube) now have this ‘1 of 2 ads’ where the first ad is an unskippable 5-second one, so you are forced to wait 10 seconds.”

Earphones Getting Yanked Out

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One minute you are grooving to the beat, and the next, your earbuds are caught on something, flying off your ears. Infuriating, right?

Or, you put your earphones nicely in your pocket only to remove them later, and the cord is extremely knotted. “How in the hell does that happen?” wonders a commentator.

People Leaving the Door Open

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“Leaving the door open is inconsiderate,” points out a user. “This is why I lock my door and only open it when someone needs something,” explains a different user. 

Charger Wasn’t Plugged in Properly

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I bet you have suffered this. You plug your phone nicely into the charger and go to bed, only to wake up and realize your phone wasn’t charged. 

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