12 Luxury Things That Were Considered Normal a Decade Ago

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While these 12 products were seen as common and acceptable a decade ago, they are now considered luxury items for many due to their exorbitant prices.

Monthly Subscriptions

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Some subscriptions are essential, but being able to afford all the subscriptions you want or need is a luxury. “I miss being able to just straight up buy Microsoft Office. Now you need a subscription.”

Good Fabric in Clothing

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When you purchase new garments these days, how long do they last? Redditors who work in clothing retail know that the days of quality textiles are long gone. A Redditor says, “I have clothes from the 90s (and 80s from my mother) that still hold up today.”

Getting Things Repaired

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Manufacturers prioritize new sales instead of producing quality items with longer lifespans, replacement parts, and repair programs. This Reddit comment stands out: “Many modern appliances are designed, so you can’t really work on them.” 

Solid Wood Furniture

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Although most furniture today is easy to assemble, they are made from low-quality, disposable materials like veneer and laminate. If you want solid wood furniture without paying thousands of dollars, one Redditor recommends checking out antique shops, estate auctions, and larger thrift stores. “I recently bought a solid wood handmade dresser for $100. It’s going to last another 100-200 years.”

Cheap Farmer’s Market Produce

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The organic craze and high demand for gourmet produce are to blame for making farmers’ markets expensive. In some metropolitan areas, shoppers are unsure if they are still supporting local farmers. “Several vendors have been caught peeling the stickers off store-bought produce to sell with the farmer’s market markup.”

Single-Detached House

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“More like owning a house in general, or even land,” a Redditor says. 

Retirement Plan Built-in to Your Job

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 What used to be an implied aspect of the American Dream is now a rare occurrence. This comment sums it up: “Outside of education/government, very few private sector companies offer a pension.”

Legroom on an Airplane

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The decline of air travel perks has been accelerating since the late 1980s, and it is getting ridiculous in economy class. This is a case of getting what you pay for when demanding lower plane ticket prices. “Trust me, you paid a lot for that legroom. Budget airlines are the reason 95% of people can travel somewhere.”

Family Vacations

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The era of deep discounts at all-inclusive resorts for families has been over for a while. Many Redditors agree, “Airline tickets and hotel rooms are much more expensive now than 5 years ago.” 

Bad Cut of Meat

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Brisket and chunks of pork bellies used to be sold at cut-rate prices or even discarded by butcher shops. Now that they have become popular. “Brisket, in particular, is going through the roof because smoking brisket has become the latest suburban dad fad.”

Concert Tickets

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 One Reddit user recalls: “Concert tickets are ridiculously expensive now. I remember getting cheap seats for under $30.” When you add parking, beverages, and t-shirts, the concert experience becomes even pricier.


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This comment sums it up: “The American healthcare system is the best in the world, but only if you’re rich.”

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