12 Jobs That Are Deal Breakers for Women

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Did you know your profession could affect your dating life? Many women from a popular online forum admit that they would never date men working in these 13 professions. 

Multi-Level Marketer

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When a guy says they are a multi-level marketer, most women hear scams. 

Life Coach

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“Never again,” says a user, “I dated a former life coach, and he’d say the most mundane stuff or insights and expect me to shower him with thanks and praise.”

Another user says she dated one in training, and “he legitimately said he couldn’t wait to fix me.”

Whole Life Insurance Sales Agent

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“Whole life insurance sales agent has a bad reputation because it’s often sold to people who don’t need it and aren’t in a financial position to really take advantage of. Lots of scummy agents will push it to you because it pays higher commissions due to the higher premiums,” explains a user on why this job is a deal breaker. 

Homeopathic Cancer Researcher

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Women view men in this field as “opportunistic exploitive murderers” and wouldn’t date them either. “If they were legit, they’d just be called cancer researchers,” reads a post. 

Police Officer

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The blue uniform is no longer an appealing dating profession for women. One lady shares about the time she dated a cop, “Last time I saw him, he told me there are 3 types of people: police officers, people who have broken the law, and people who haven’t broken the law yet. He sees every person as a suspect. It’s sad.”

Circus Performer

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A poster explains why she can never date a circus performer, “All the ones I know have this constant drive to be the center of attention to a lot of people at all times.” Another explains that she dated a circus performer who “viewed all animals as tools rather than pets.” 

Debt Collector

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A guy who was a debt collector once admits, “It is a job that attracts some soulless individuals.” It makes sense that women want nothing to do with a job that uses ‘cruel and vindictive’ tactics. 


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“Dating an influencer makes you a cameraman,” explains a poster, with many people agreeing.

“They (influencers) seem to think of everyone they meet as potential material for their content. It’s creepy, and they never are truly ‘off duty,'” explains another.  

Real Estate Agent

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There was a time real estate agents were glorified, but not anymore. “In sales, you have to get to use white lies. That permeates into the relationship,” explains a commentator. Plus, if the real estate agent is committed to their job, you will rarely see them as they are never off work. 


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“I’d be terrified of losing the man I love for the horror of war. I’d rather be alone. It is his decision to give up his life or sanity for war, but I can’t just be a partner and potential caregiver to someone like that. I already lost a happy childhood; I can’t sacrifice anymore,” confesses a lady who wouldn’t date an army soldier. 


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It’s not that women are not enticed by men who get paid for preparing excellent dishes. But they are not thrilled by the amount of time the job takes away from them. 

One user advises women not to date a working chef because “he’s going to be in a bad mood after cooking for other people, and you’ll either be cooking yourself or ordering out a lot because he won’t want to cook at home.”


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The last deal-breaker job is a pimp. A poster says, “Those guys don’t even see women as human.”

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