12 Items Worth the Extra Dollars

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Don’t we all love looking for products with great deals or discounts to save money? However, there are certain products you should not take the cheaper route, especially when it involves convenience, safety, and comfort. 

Trash Bags

Trash cans
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Cheap trash bags will have you cleaning up spills when they rip. Or “they are so stuck together that you can’t even open them fully,” writes a user. So, instead of learning this the hard way, invest in quality trash bags. 

Toilet Paper

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One user explains, “Cheap toilet paper leaves horrid little lint balls on my crotch and butt. I hate when I have to use a gas station bathroom to triple-check that there are no tissue paper hitchhikers.”

Work Boots

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A commentator advises, “Work boots are so important. Never cheap out on your feet.”. Another user explains, “You spend most of your life on your feet or asleep. So invest well in your shoes and bed.”

Desk Chair

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Do not ruin your back by getting a cheap desk chair. One user writes, “I got a really bad one (desk chair) because it was cheap and looked cool. I had no back support, was not breathable, got dirt easily, and was hard to clean. It was so uncomfortable.”


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Quality mattresses may feel expensive, but they aren’t. Think of it this way, “The average mattress is good for around 10 years, so when you break down the cost over that length of time, it’s always worth spending more money upfront.”


Tattoo Artist
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Tattoos are permanent, so do not cheap out on them. This is why “Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos aren’t good.” Another commentator says, “Tattoos can already be a source of regret, but a bad tattoo is guaranteed regret.”

Computer Power Supply

Power Supply
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“If you get a cheap computer power supply, it could take your whole system with it if it fails and, in worse situations, start an electrical fire,” a user points out. Besides, “Good power supplies are usually warrantied for 10-15 years, so that’s at least 3 builds worth,” adds a commentator. 


4 New Tires That Change Tires In The Auto Repair
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Tires are the contact point between your car and the road. Therefore, buy the best name brand of tires to enjoy superior grip, wear resistance, and peace of mind. Plus, you do not have to endure the severe vibration and noise on the road. 


Cotton Tampon Feminine Hygiene Product
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Also, do not go cheap on menstrual products. “These cheap tampons feel like sand papery cotton,” reads a post. 

Fire Extinguishers

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“Get the right fire extinguisher for the area,” advises a user, “For most homes, a good general-purpose fire extinguisher should be in the kitchen. If you’re working on many electronics, you need one rated for that.”

Having a good fire extinguisher is just one part of the equation – you should only know how to use it. 


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One commentator narrated their experience with a cheap plunger, “We had a blockage, so my dad went down to the nearest store and bought a cheap plunger. The handle snapped off the moment he tried to use it. Now he had a blockage, including half a plunger.”


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Lastly, forget cheap bras. Look for comfortable, proper-fitting bras that won’t have you hurrying home to remove them. One lady says, “I got fitted for a bra, and it changed my life. They last longer and are just way more comfortable.”

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