The Awesome Advantages of Getting Older

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Aging is a natural process, just like being born and growing. It may sometimes be unsettling. But this stage of life brings so many positive things. Need some illustrations? Gen X discusses several advantages of growing older.

Sense of Accomplishment

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A 1960 user explains that old age comes with a sense of accomplishment, “No more dating, no more babies, no more job interviews or climbing the corporate ladder. It’s all behind me now.” Plus, “it’s less stress, less FOMO, less speculation about ‘I could do that’ or ‘I should do this.’”

Not Care What Other People Think

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People no longer feel bound to other people’s expectations when they get older. An old user says, “You can’t get us fired or canceled. You can’t sabotage the relationships we have with others. You can’t affect our livelihood. We’ve seen it all and are in a place where other people no longer hover over us and determine our future opportunities.”

People Don’t Get Offended When You Forget Their Name

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You also get a pass when you forget people’s names when you are older. “People give you much more leeway if you can’t recall something,” explains a commentator. 

Sleeping When You Want

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“Sleeping when you want as long or short as you want is glorious,” reads a post. You can also sleep in as late as you want, but for many older users, this means waking up at 7:00 am “after a lifetime of getting up at 5:00 am.”

Get To Choose Everything You Want to Do

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Additionally, “life becomes incredibly full and busy” when you retire since you can do whatever you want. 

Learning to Forgive Yourself

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Everyone makes mistakes when younger. But as you grow older, you learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes. 

Seeing Your Kids Succeed in Life

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There is also the joy of seeing your kids grow and become successful. “We are blessed,” admits an older commentator.

Being Proud of Yourself

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A 69-year-old user who has had numerous jobs during his lifetime, including driving taxis, having a corporate career and blue-collar jobs, and being a landlord, says, “I am satisfied I have done all these things.”

One also feels proud for ‘showing common courtesies and being respectful of people even when others don’t.’

Financial Freedom

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“If you’ve lived right and things went your way, (you enjoy) financial freedom. It sucks being tied to an income,” details a post. 

Being Extremely Aware That Time Is Limited

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No one understands the concept of time better than the older generation. Limited time can “be considered a blessing or curse,” but older people learn to cherish every moment. 

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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One user explains, “People are always calling me “sir” and opening doors for me. Guys look at me like I’m their granddad. I am very comfortable in my own skin and feel like I’m my own best friend.”


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“With age comes wisdom or at least a better frame of reference to draw on. I have made mistakes and learned from them,” details a user. 

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