12 Bizarre Foods That People Must Be Pretending to Like

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People travel the world in search of exotic food. And when they do get the chance to try it, most people end up not liking what they taste. Users of an online forum reveal 12 food items that are acquired tastes. Some can’t fathom how people enjoy such strange food, and conclude that they only pretend to like them.

Casu Martzu

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How people enjoy “an Italian cheese with live larvae” is baffling. Moreover, “diners hold their hands above the sandwich to prevent the maggots from leaping because the larvae in the cheese can launch themselves for distances up to 6 inches when disturbed.”


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This Swedish dish consists of fermenting fish. A user who tried sampling it says, “As soon as I punctured the can (underwater as we were advised), I started retching and knew there was no way. It smells like literal death.”

Edible Gold

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“It doesn’t even taste like anything,” says a poster, with another saying, “It literally does not interact with our taste buds except to block out other particles that might have actual flavor.”

So, what do people love about this tasteless snack? 

Low-Fat Ranch

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Many people find low-fat ranch disgusting. “After hearing how much Americans rave about ranch dressing, I thought it must be phenomenal. I tried it recently at an American-themed restaurant, and I couldn’t believe how awful it tasted,” reads a poster, with an American responding, “As an American, they must be pretending because that stuff is so bad.” 

Spicy Food

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Some people find super-spicy food delicious. However, there’s not much to say for “anything over 1,000,000 Scoville” because “at that point, you can’t taste the food.”


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Lutefisk is a traditional dish in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. “My father was Scandinavian yet never ate traditional Norwegian foods. Too bland for him,” writes a poster, with another saying, “I’m Norwegian and love spicy food. Scandinavian food is bland and without taste.”


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One poster feels IPAs “taste like processed grass clippings.” “It’s a shame they smell so good but taste so bitter,” says another.

However, some users are thrilled with higher IBUs because they enjoy the bitterness. A user writes, “80% of the people I meet think it’s bitter, skunky, and off-putting (but) I love that about them.”

Fondant on Cake

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Some users also swear that people pretend to like the sugary, chewy fondant on a cake. But one user explains, “There’s bad fondant and good fondant. They were not created equal, and if you’ve only had the bad one, you won’t be prepared for the tasty one.”


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One user says, “Just because you name it in a fancier way doesn’t change the fact that it’s literally a slug living in a rock.” However, escargot lovers point out that the dish becomes disgusting if not prepared well. 


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“It smells like trash, tastes like trash,” says a reviewer. However, durian enthusiasts explain that the fruit should be eaten while fresh. 

“I tried it in Thailand,” says a poster, “Freshly cracked open and scooped out. It was really good. It didn’t smell at all and was reminiscent of custard. I also tried frozen durian popsicles in the US, and those were vile. The taste was reminiscent of gasoline.”  


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If we are also counting beverages, kombucha also falls on this list. Its sour, funky taste does not appeal to some. 

“I have tried so many of them to see if there’s one I’d like, and they all taste like off-soap to me. They are exceedingly soapier than coriander (cilantro),” says a commentator. 

Coconut Water

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People who’ve had bottled and canned coconut water wonder why some people like it. “It tastes like sunscreen would taste for me,” says a user. Another says, “I bought a can, took one sip, and nearly projectile vomited everywhere. It was slimy. I felt like I was drinking someone’s spit. Never again.”

However, most agree that fresh coconut water is the best, “even more refreshing when chilled.”

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