Top 12 Foods That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

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Home-cooked meals may be one of the best comfort foods you can get. But when you’re having a bad day, sometimes you just want something easy to get that will perk you right up. Here are 12 of the best guilty food pleasures you can get in an instant. Which is your favorite?


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A user writes, “I usually go with a nice hot shower, then bundle up in warm towels and a fluffy robe, and then eat a pizza watching Netflix. Works like a charm.”

Another enjoys pizza “with a cold beverage” to make sour days pleasant. At the same time, a different user leans on buffalo chicken pizza even though it subjects him to “countless hours on the toilet afterward. 

Chinese Takeout

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Foe Yong Hai with noodles is my go-to hangover meal,” reads a post, with another poster responding, “My husband offered me that one time; I nearly fell for it.

A different commentator praises General Tso Chicken with beef as his favorite Chinese guilty pleasure. 

Ben & Jerry’s

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Ice cream lovers recommend Ben & Jerry’s to cheer them up on a gloomy day. “Milk and cookies is the ice cream of gods,” writes a poster, with different posts recommending Strawberry Cheesecake, Urban Bourbon, Chunky Monkey, One Sweet World, and Half-Baked ice cream. 


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“I am a grown woman, and those cheap, red lollipops from the bank drive-in make me irrationally happy,” says a user. Another responds, “This is me but the green ones. Give me a green one, and I will skip like a happy 6-year-old who just mastered skipping.”


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Other people have a great day after eating donuts. A commentator says, “For me, a half-dozen assorted donuts. I rarely eat unhealthy food, so indulging my admittedly starved sweet tooth usually raises my mood.”

Buffalo Wings

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“It is the best when you go someplace on a Saturday with one or two friends and put down 50+ wings on a sitting,” says a user. You may not need to eat so much, but Buffalo wings will make you crave more. 


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One user confesses, “(I bought) a $20 bag of pistachios at Costco! Got them for Christmas a couple of times and couldn’t make them last for more than two days.” A different user says, “Pistachios and a 2-liter Coke? That’s a feast for a king right there.


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A chocolate bar also transforms an awful day into a great one. Some excellent recommendations are Amedei Toscano Red, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Solstice Chocolate, and Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar.

Chicken Nuggets

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Something about the crisp, spicy, and airy-textured chicken nuggets instantly changes your mood and day. And “there’s no such thing as too many chicken nuggets,” although their delicious taste can be addictive. 

Bubble Tea

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This tea, particularly mango bubble tea, turns the day around for some people. But they also mention that it is high in calories. 

Hot Italian Sausage

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It is delicious comfort food,” reads a post. It tastes even better when paired with potatoes and onion. 


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Going to a café and ordering coffee also works, but you can also make good coffee at home.  

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