12 Interesting Facts That Sound Fake but Are Actually True

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Did you know that clouds weigh thousands of pounds or that an NBA player once saved a dolphin? These may sound ridiculous and fake, but they are surprisingly true. Here are more fascinating facts: 

There Are More Tigers in Captivity in the US Than in the Wild Worldwide

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The US is home to about 5000 captive tigers compared to the 3,900 in the wild worldwide. The tigers in captivity are either in zoos and are privately owned properties.  

Orcas Are Natural Predators of Moose

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If you thought humans, bears, and wolves were the largest natural predators of moose, you couldn’t be more wrong since it’s the orcas. “In Alaska, the moose swim between islands, and the orcas nab them,” reads a post. 

Clouds Weigh Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds

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Wait, what? Aren’t clouds as light as feathers? Well, cumulus clouds (light and fluffy) can weigh up to 1.1 million pounds

Paint Can Add 600-1200 Pounds to the Weight of the Aircraft

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Another surprising fact is that paint can add weight to an aircraft, and that extra weight means more fuel consumption. One user states, “That’s why the space shuttle external fuel tanks, which were originally painted white, were subsequently left unpainted to save weight.”

Sharks Have Existed on Earth Longer Than Trees Have

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Evidence also suggests that sharks are at least 90 million years older than trees and 190 million years older than dinosaurs. What?

All the Planets in Our Solar System Can Fit Between the Earth and the Moon

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Did you know you can fit all planets between the Earth and the moon? However, to ensure the planets fit snugly, the moon has to be at the farthest point from the Earth. Besides, doing this “would play havoc with the tides.”

There Were Mammoths After the Great Pyramids Were Built

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“Isolated populations of (wooly) mammoths still existed 4,000 years ago. The great pyramids were built approximately 4,500 years ago,” states a post. That’s a 500-year window between mammoth extinction and ancient Egyptian architecture. 

There Are 7 US States That Have Laws Saying Atheists Can’t Hold Office

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If you don’t believe in God, it’s best not to have a political career in Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, South Carolina, Maryland, and Arkansas. 

Tumors Can Have Hair and Teeth

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Talk about next-level weird, as the teratoma tumor can have teeth, bone, hair, and muscle. In some rare cases, this type of cancer can have brain-like structures, transmitting electric impulses between neutrons. 

An NBA Player Saved a Dolphin

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Believe it or not, Clifford Ray, a Golden States Warrior player, saved a dolphin in 1978. “A dolphin named Mr. Spock accidentally ate a bolt when some construction was being done on his tank. Surgery was too risky. They had to reach in and pull out the bolt. Ray was called in, lubed up, and reached the dolphin’s gullet to retrieve the bolt without any further distress to Mr. Spock,” narrates a poster. 

1 Day on Venus Is Longer Than 1 Year on Venus

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You read that correctly. A day on Venus is longer than a year since a day lasts 243 Earth days while a year lasts 225 Earth days. 

Dutch Warship Disguised Itself as an Island to Evade the Japanese

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In 1942, a Dutch warship hid from the Japanese by camouflaging as a tropical island. The crew covered the ship with vegetation and used gray paint to hide any exposed metal. Amazingly, the illusion held up for eight days, and the crew made it safely to Australian waters. 

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