12 Products and Services With Borderline Illegal Prices

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Some products and services are expensive because of their excellent quality and novelty. And there are laws that regulate pricing to prevent companies from overcharging and taking advantage of trends and high demands. Then again, these 12 things should be included in the regulations because their pricing seem to be robbing people blind.


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“Services surrounding death are outrageous,” states a poster. You are forced to pay an arm and a leg for putting an ad in the newspaper, obituaries, caskets, cremations, urns, funeral plots, headstones, and more.

And it doesn’t get easier with pets. A pet owner who had to cremate their 17-year-old cat says, “The urns were all an extra $150-200 on top of the $1000 I was already paying for euthanasia and cremation.”

College Books

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Next are universities demanding students buy their overpriced, new edition books. “The worst is when it’s ‘required,’ and then you spend hundreds of dollars just to read two chapters out of the whole book,” explains a student.

Ticket Websites Service Fees

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How much money you get charged to buy a ticket online is also wild. Imagine paying “$8 of service fees for a $15 ticket!” That shouldn’t be legal. It’s even more outlandish that ticket websites are a monopoly. 

Ink Jet Cartridges

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Due to highly-priced inkjet cartridges, many users now opt to purchase a new inkjet printer or switch to a laser printer. 

Airport Food and Drinks

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“$7 for a granola bar, $6.95 for water, $22 for beer, $17 for a chicken wrap, and $9 for trail mix? It’s criminal!” a user points out. And they won’t “let you bring drinks into the terminal.”

There should be a law that prohibits airports from having higher markups than normal retail prices. 


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Suitcase prices also baffle many. “They’re just plastic shells, a zip, and some wheels, yet they sell for hundreds,” says a user. However, some users point out the high price is because they are a one-time sale built to last.


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Sadly, the healthcare industry is also making huge profits from overpriced medication. It preys on the fact that “people will pay whatever to keep themselves alive,” which explains the high cost of inhalers, insulins, and epi-pens.

A diabetic patient says, “I have a high deductible plan and pay $220 monthly for something I need to breathe.” Meanwhile, epi-pens cost $350 for generic and $700 for name brands.


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“Hummus costs nothing to make, and it’s cheaper to make than ketchup. And it takes almost no time.” However, it is now “marketed like it’s some sort of exotic, bougie foreign condiment,” with small tubs fetching $5 or more.  


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College education should be affordable. Students should not be punished with high tuition fees after working hard to get good grades in high school. “It’s a complete waste of potential,” says a user.  

Anything With the Word “Wedding”

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It’s absurd how you mention the word ‘wedding,’ and the prices instantly hike. But a wedding designer explains the high cost, “The clients that have hired me were the most demanding and the least clear about what they wanted. I charge more wedding-related now because I will work harder and put in more hours.”


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Renting is also too expensive, whether renting a studio apartment or a three-bedroom house. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s an awful, safe, or remote neighborhood. A poster says, “My two bedroom, one bath rented for $965 in 2019. This same apartment, with no renovations, is now $1670 if you’re a new tenant.”

Mental Healthcare

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You’d think mental healthcare would be free or affordable, but that’s not the case. A user recalls, “I admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital once. After I got out, I got charged about $1000 each day I was there.” What?  

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