12 Traits That People Find Utterly Creepy

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Everyone has unique traits, but not everyone can appreciate them. People also have their bad sides that they usually work on once they’re made aware of it. Then again, there are characteristics that are just universally creepy. A popular forum listed the 12 most disturbing things people do. Can you stand any of these?

People Who Stand Too Close When They’re Talking

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Standing too close to a person when talking in a loud setting is perfectly okay. However, it becomes super creepy when it’s just the two of you in a quiet environment and even creepier when they get closer after you back away. 

People Who Ask You a Question and Then Just Stare at You Without Any Follow-up

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The next time you encounter this creepy trait with bosses or CEOs, remember that “it’s a power move to make you uncomfortable and exert authority. It’s like ‘I control the pace of the conversation’ move. And it is commonly taught to cops and interrogators.”

Brags About Having Anger Issues

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It is also creepy when someone is impressed about their anger issues and brags about it. “While having anger issues is a valid emotional response, it is not something that should be personalized as a ‘character trait,’” explains a lady whose older sister brags about intimidating people with her anger issues.  

Firm Handshake, but Won’t Let Go

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Many users are okay with a firm handshake, but a prolonged one is definitely weird. “I dislike people who literally crush your hand into a diamond,” writes a poster. 

Being All Smiles All the Time

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Smiling is not creepy. In fact, it is a natural reflex. “The creepy thing is when people are ALWAYS super friendly and smiley in a way that feels superficial, and they pretend that nothing is ever wrong,” details a user. 

People Who Roleplay When Texting You

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A commentator writes, “This is allowed if you are doing a meme, unsettling if you do it as part of an actual conversation.” Another user who roleplayed in conversation in the past admits, “I re-read some of my chats and cringe so hard.”

People Who Touch Other People Without Permission

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Strangers who touch you when talking are outright creepy. This may include shoulder taps or rubs, rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly, back rubbing, or bopping the nose. 

People Who Question Literally Everything

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Everyone has a life to live. However, it gets creepy when someone starts questioning every decision you make. “Chill bro, even I don’t know why I did that,” writes a user. But another admits to questioning everything because they are “curious about the thought process and can learn something from someone.”

Toxic Positivity

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A commentator finds “toxic positivity that immediately turns into passive aggression if you don’t match their positivity” creepy. These individuals will even dismiss pressing issues with this attitude.  

Adults Who Baby-Talk Other Adults

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Baby talk is perfect when communicating with young kids, but practicing it with adults is where we draw the line. Words like “Weww,” “Sowwyy,” or “Who’s been a good boy/girl” should primarily be used on babies as it is condescending. 

A commentator adds, “I get super annoyed whenever someone says” ‘okay?’ at the end of telling me something or asking me to do something. It makes me feel dumb.”

Someone Who Appears Very Nice but Becomes Nasty When They Don’t Get Their Way

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When a user posted this creepy trait on an online forum, people pointed out that it was common in toddlers, which is natural for their age. However, narcissistic adults also exist. One guy writes, “My ex is an extremely advanced narcissist. Charm anyone and then turn on a dime if you prove useless to her.”

People Who Use Your Name Too Frequently

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The last annoying trait is frequently using a person’s name during a conversation. It is weird and unnecessary.

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