The Truth Behind These 12 Common Beliefs

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Just because most people say something is true, doesn’t mean it is. There are a lot of common misconceptions bases on popular advise. But word of mouth doesn’t always translate to facts. Here are 12 everyday things that people believe but are actually lies.

It’s Easier to Get Gas in the Morning

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You might think getting gas in the morning is easier, but it isn’t. This is because most people believe this, too, so you find yourself stuck in the gas station. 

Also, the notion that “you get more gas when it’s cold” (in the morning) is a lie as “you get the same volume of gas.

Getting a Raise Means Your Entire Income Is Taxed at a Higher Rate

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Many Americans believe that getting a raise means higher taxation rates when you move to the next tax bracket, but that’s untrue. “Only the small piece over the threshold” is taxed.

One commentator says, “I feel like the rich try to reinforce this lie so that the working class doesn’t try to move up the ranks.”

Tear Here

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You better use the kitchen scissors even if the package reads “Tear Here.” More often than not, you’ll use excessive force, scattering the contents all over the floor. So spare yourself from the hassle of wasting food and cleaning. Use scissors! 

Birds Won’t Take Their Babies Back if You Touch Them

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“From what I understand, this lie was invented to prevent children from touching baby birds in nests,” says a user. Years later, as adults, they believe this lie and pass it on to the next generation. 

However, birds have no problem accepting their babies back after humans have rescued them. 

You Should Wait 24 Hours Before Reporting Someone Is Missing

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Also, if your child, a disabled person, one with medical risks, or an elderly person goes missing, “those first hours are the most critical in the search,” so don’t wait 24 hours to make the report. 

But you may have to wait 24-48 hours when filing an adult missing report. 

You Should Forgive Relatives

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No. You should not feel bound to forgiving “toxic, manipulative, abusive, or hurtful” people just because they are relatives. “Everyone should be allowed to feel safe and loved,” says a poster, and if your relatives make you feel otherwise, cut them off. 

Vaccines Cause Autism

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Autism is a complex disorder, and scientists have yet to explain its causes. But vaccines don’t cause autism.

Celebrity-Endorsed Products Are Worth Buying

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Do not be fooled that a celebrity-endorsed product is the best in the market. The celebrity gets paid for the endorsement and usually doesn’t care about the quality of the product. 

Mlms Are a Good Source of Income

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You can make money on MLMs “if you are willing to scam other people” or “if you get in early, which requires being tight with the architects of the newest MLMs,” according to online users. With this in mind, are MLMs a good source of income?  

Corporations Can Regulate Themselves

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Corporations cannot regulate themselves as “they end up writing their own rules. It’s called regulatory capture,” says a poster. Another adds that corporations regulating themselves is “like saying toddlers can babysit themselves. They could, but the results would be horrific.”

Giving Tax Cuts to the Wealthy Helps the Poor

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If you believe that giving tax cuts to the rich promotes a trickle-down that helps the poor, well, it doesn’t happen. It turns out, “The wealthy can save and hoard more money to make themselves richer, but the poor have to spend money to make ends meet,” reads a post. 

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

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Erase this lie and say, “Money can buy happiness.”

One user says, “If someone gave me 10 million dollars, it would solve 90% of my problems, I would definitely be happier.” Another adds, “Money stress definitely causes unhappiness.

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