12 Challenges That Modern Men Have to Face

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Did you know the modern world has made it difficult for men to engage with kids publicly? Did you also know society belittles fathers’ role, viewing them as lesser parents? Unfortunately, these are just two of the many hardships men face silently today. 

Treated as Second-Class Parents

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Modern dads find it disgusting when society treats them as lesser parents, with TV commercials, shows, and movies depicting this. 

One widower narrates when he and his two kids waited at a restaurant for 15 minutes, only for the server to come over and say, “Did you try to order, or should we wait for mom?” He was so mad that he said, “Well, we’d be waiting a long time, she’s dead.”

Lack of a Good, Supportive Father Growing Up

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“A strong (positive) male role model usually leads to better-adjusted men overall,” explains a user. Unfortunately, many modern men didn’t have this; some were openly rejected, while others had abusive dads who caused them immeasurable pain and trauma.

Being Expected to Be a Provider in a Bad Economy

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Gender equality doesn’t apply here because the modern man is still expected to be the primary breadwinner, pay all the bills, and keep everyone happy.

“I’m working two jobs to keep my home stable. I hate it, and I’m lonely because of it,” shares a man who has to make ends meet despite the crumbling economy.  

Cannot Be a Victim

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Meanwhile, the traditional, patriarchal society left no room for men to be victims.

Lack of Services and Support When Abused

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Additionally, society does not grant modern men the support it offers abused women. A guy writes, “My ex abused me. I was hit constantly and yelled at, and one day, she strangled me until I blacked out. Whenever I spoke about what she did, I was either not believed or laughed at.”

Doesn’t Have Anyone to Talk To

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These men also suffer loneliness, considering most don’t have at least one person they can confide in. And those who do speak up feel stuck when their confidants or society belittle their problems or don’t care. 

“It’s tiring to hear people say, ‘Man Up’ when all a guy wants is someone who can listen intently,” says a poster. 

Defined by What They Do

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This definition has pushed many men over the edge because no one cares about who they are but their level of success. 

Can’t Be Too Nice to Kids

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A man being nice or playful with kids risks being labeled a predator. “I rarely interact with my neighbor’s kids unless the parent is outside with them,” states a poster, “I would love to pop out and shoot some hoops with them, but no. I’d rather be a weirdo.”

Height Discrimination

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Woe unto any short, modern man because the snarky comments and gaslighting never stop. “Women will scream about how height doesn’t matter while every other dating app profile has ‘6ft and above’ on it,” a user points out.  

Double Standards

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It’s also infuriating when men are asked to speak up about their problems, but once they do, they are “viewed as weak and unattractive, or they’re not taken seriously.” 

There’s also the “disdain for masculinity while still being expected to do all the masculine things.”

Dropping Out in Higher Education

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Stress and mental health are pushing more men to quit college. Moreover, some no longer regard a college degree as valuable, given the high unemployment rates among graduates. 

No Baby Changing Facilities in Men’s Bathrooms

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Society places the diaper-changing role onto moms, which explains the limited facilities that offer diaper-changing tables in men’s bathrooms. So, most dads would change their kids’ soiled diaper in their car. 

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