12 Surprisingly Exciting Hobbies That Defy Boredom

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These 12 hobbies may not be as heart-pumping as rock climbing and surfing, but once you try them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they are interesting and keep you occupied for hours! 

Counted Cross Stitch

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First is the cross-counted stitch, where you count the stitches on the printed pattern and then recreate them on your blank fabric. One user shares they quit smoking by doing this stitch, and another says, “It keeps my brain engaged.” 


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“Spotting and identifying a new bird” is both fun and fascinating. Whether you spot a bald eagle, a hummingbird, a crow, or a kite, watching them feed, sing, fight, or engage in mating dances will brighten your day. 

One user says, “Birding is real-life Pok√©mon Go. Gotta list them all.”


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Gardening is a “so much fun and educational” hobby. You get to care for different plants with unique needs. Besides, “nothing beats cooking with herbs you grew yourself.” So satisfying.  

Woodworking With Hand Tools

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“I’m addicted and have bought 5 hand planes and can’t stop,” writes a user who enjoys woodworking. Another user responds, “Your wallet will hate you, and if you are married, your spouse will hate you, but it (woodworking) is worth every cent.”


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Knitting will make you smile when you do it right and enraged when you do it wrong. “I rage quit three times before it finally clicked,” says a user, “I was like, ‘I will not be defeated by string and sticks! Children can do this!’ Now it’s one of my favorite hobbies, and I have made some beautiful pieces.”


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When one user heard about geocaching, he or she thought it was boring, but as it turns it’s exciting and fun to do! “You get to see things you’d never see otherwise,” reads a post. 

Editing Videos

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“A lot of my friends say it looks boring, but it’s actually soothing and calming after a stressful day,” explains a poster. And in this digital era, wouldn’t learning how to edit videos for social media make for a cool hobby? 

Playing Chess

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Ask any chess lover, and they’ll tell you how fun the game is. “I have genuine adrenaline rushes playing chess. That moment you realize you got them, or they take a baited trap, or you spot and dodge one is truly thrilling,” confesses a player. 

Growing Algae

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Growing algae is a cool hobby for some online users. “They (algae) don’t need maintenance and look cool too,” details an algae farmer, “It feels good when you see how you just recycled and produced oxygen for free.”

Making Detailed and Realistic Maps

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Making detailed maps can satisfy your creative mind. “I grew up poor, so to entertain myself, I used to draw very realistic maps and play imaginary scenarios based on the map. Now as an adult, I play EU4, HoI4, and CK2, but I still enjoy making maps whenever I have a pencil and a blank paper,” shares a user. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

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For many, solving jigsaw puzzles is boring, but it’s actually an excellent exercise for your brain. And many users say that it is a great way to unwind rather than watching TV or scrolling their phones.   

Finding Cool Rocks

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A poster says, “It’s totally underrated. I live on Lake Erie, and when I walk the beach, I find all kinds of cool rocks and fossils, even ancient corals.”

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