12 Great Party Ideas for Adults With No Liquor Involved

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You might think that a party with no booze is boring. But that’s not always the case. With a little excitement, a few friends, and this guide of 12 cool activities, adults can totally have a good time without alcohol. Plus, you’re sure to wake up the next morning without a headache and with all the fun memories!

Giant Bouncy Slide

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“If you want to see adults playing like kids and laughing their hearts off, rent a giant bouncy slide,” reads a recommendation. And it works wonders.

One user shares, “I was sad when I realized how much the integrity of my lungs and knees had declined. But I was more impressed by a human doing a backflip than when I was a child.”

Rent Out Go-Karts

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A user says, “I went to this party with go-karts, and they made a whole race track with disco lights, music, and hay, and it was honestly the best party I ever went to.”

Mad Libs

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Expect to have a blast when playing Mad Libs with friends. A commentator who invited some friends and played the game writes, “It was hilarious seeing them belly laugh at some of the things we would all come up with in that game.”


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“Just discreetly place the bag of wigs on a couch or coffee table. Wait and watch,” reads a recommendation. Other users also recommend silly hats, mustaches, and karaoke. 

Greased Watermelon Game

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Here’s an idea of how to go about this booze-free game. “It’s great for a pool party. Do a race (to see) who can get the watermelon to the other side of the pool the fastest. Also (hold a) biggest splash contest or best dive.”


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“No matter your group type, there’s a Jackbox game for everyone. Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, Tee-KO, Monster Seeking Monster, Fibbage, there are so many great ones to have great times,” details a user. 

Board Games

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A commentator says, “Board games can get competitive and fun and is good for many rounds of action. The shame of losing spurs people to want to keep competing because the fictional stakes are so high.”

Murder Mystery Night

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A commentator shares how they had a fun time at a clue-themed murder mystery night, “Everyone was assigned a character, and you had to dress up like your character and do some basic role-playing stuff. It was a pretty fun night!”


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Many people won’t try to sing karaoke when sober, but it is worth a shot. 

Nerf Gun War

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Think beyond the foam-blasting toys. “(Think) pillow forts, team captains, strategy, and stealth,” says a user. “Play out your action movie fantasies with none of the death, mayhem, and destruction of real firearms and none of the mess that comes with paintball,” adds another. But remember to wear eye protection. 

Play Bad Movies

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“Making fun of bad movies is always fun,” writes a commentator who recommends The Room, Red Sonja, Samurai Cop 2, and Flash Gordon.  

Let a Few Piglets Loose

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In addition to letting the piglets loose, “number the piglets but skip a number. That way, when somebody inevitably tries to round them all up, they’ll be convinced that they are missing one,” advises a user. Also, grease the pigs for more fun. 

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