12 Popular Opinions Shared by Boomers

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Let’s admit it. You may not like Boomer’s tendencies like self-centeredness, arrogance, and entitlement. But they have certain opinions you agree with, like modern car headlights are too bright, and people overshare on social media. Here are more Boomer opinions younger generations agree with. 

People Are Too Loud

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Oddly enough, many younger people agree with Boomers on how loud people, phones, cinemas, concerts, and nightclubs are. 

Paying for a Product That Doesn’t Do the Thing It Says

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People are also getting irked with products that demand you install an app or create an account for them to work.

One annoyed buyer explains, “I bought some LED strip lights that wouldn’t let me change the color or dim without pairing with the app that wouldn’t load on my phone. So I have two settings: too dark to see what I’m doing and too bright to see what I’m doing.”

Physical Buttons to Push in Cars

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Who thought replacing physical car buttons with touchscreen dashboards was a great idea? Boomers stress that physical buttons are not distracting and allow you to input your preferred presets without taking your eyes off the road.   

Talk to a Real Person When Calling a Business

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One commentator agrees with this: “Talking to humans is way better. They can help you solve your problems, unlike the bots that do nothing but direct you to other bots.”

People Share Way Too Much on Social Media

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Indeed, many people are obsessed with sharing “every second of their lives,” a move that irritates many Boomers. “You don’t need to put your life story on the internet. Oversharing is a huge issue,” states a poster. 

Read Articles and Stuff Online Without Entering an Email Address

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Boomers wonder what their email has to do with reading stuff online, with younger adults sharing the same thought. It is also infuriating when you want to read an article but find a video instead. 

Headlights Are Too Bright Nowadays

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A Boomer commentator shares, “Back in the day, everyone had the same headlight, same part number, and everything. Now, we have LED lights searing my eyes every time they hit a bump on the road.”

Want Something That Just Works and Lasts a Long Time

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“I don’t want the new shiny thing with a thousand useless functions. I don’t want something that will be old in 3 years because of lack of software update or because the technology is improving at lightning speed,” adds a user who’s tired of current products’ short shelf life.

Kids Are Spending Way Too Much Time Using Electronic Devices

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This is both a Boomer opinion and a documented fact. Kids are slowly getting addicted to tablets, smartphones, and video games such that it’s all they think about when happy, sad, or bored. 

Interestingly, it’s not just kids who’ve become addicted to electronic devices but adults, too. 

People Should Chill with Their Phones During Concerts

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If you asked people why they record concerts with their phones rather than savor the moment, they’d say they are capturing memories. However, Boomers feel that “they record the concert so they can flex on social media on how ‘into music they are.'” In fact, most of these individuals never go back to watch these videos.

Don’t Want To Pay a Monthly Fee To Use Something

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Most software subscriptions don’t make sense, and younger people agree with Boomers on removing the monthly fee. One user writes, “Just let me pay a fee and own the software. If I want to upgrade to the latest version, I’ll buy it again.”

Pop Singers Need to Enunciate Better

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Many online users would also love it better if pop singers stopped mumbling and improved their pronunciation so they could understand the lyrics.

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