12 Bad Things for Your Health That Are Rarely Talked About

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Did you know backflips, chronic stress, and sitting down all day are as detrimental as common vices like drinking too much? These habits aren’t discussed enough, and you could unconsciously put your health at risk by doing these 12 things.


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Chronic stress can result in a multitude of health issues, including headaches, bloating, nausea, muscle tension, and cardiovascular diseases. You also experience irritability, poor judgment, forgetfulness, anxiety, and fatigue. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Did you know lack of sleep can affect your physical, emotional, and mental health? For instance, drowsy driving causes thousands of fatal car crashes each year. In addition, not sleeping enough can weaken your immunity, slow your response time or focus, or make you feel like you’re losing your mind. 

Backflips Are Dangerous

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Backflips look cool, right? However, they are potentially dangerous, and you could severely hurt your neck, back, or head when landing. 

Grind Culture

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Working is important, but there needs to be a balance. “We need rest, hobbies, and socialization outside of work,” explains a commentator. 

Sitting Down All Day

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No one talks about how sitting down all day is a silent killer. Our bodies were designed to move constantly. So, sitting all day increases the likelihood of developing chronic health problems. 

A Loud Environment

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Being in a loud environment hurts your ears. It can cause tinnitus, a change in hearing, or permanent hearing loss. A user shares, “I worked in a machine shop for almost 10 years and didn’t take care of my hearing. I can’t be in a quiet room now without going insane. I have white noise machines everywhere I go.”


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This is another habit that negatively impacts your mental health. If you ceaselessly look for distressing news, you’ll always feel stressed, upset, and troubled. Deleting social media with productive time fillers like playing games or learning a new language can curb the habit.  

Chronic Hatred

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A poster shares, “I’ve watched one of my siblings become a chronic hater. They have something negative to say about everything. It’s unbearable. No one wants to be around them.”

Holding in too much hate for too long hurts you and those around you. It drains your mental energy and makes you older than your age, resulting in blood pressure and heart problems. 

Not Washing Thrift Finds

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Most thrift stores don’t wash clothes before putting them on the rack. So, not washing them means they could harbor bedbugs, gross bodily fluids, or dirt. 

Being Lonely

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Being lonely is also bad for your health. In fact, experts mention loneliness is as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. A poster writes, “Loneliness can kill you. It’s a leading cause of death among elderly people.”

So, instead of leaning on technology to keep you company, develop a meaningful relationship with friends or adopt a pet. 

The Beige Food Diet

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This diet consists of highly processed carbohydrates and little vegetables and fruits. You can already tell that these are comfort foods that offer minimal nutritional value. But you can turn this around by incorporating healthy proteins, green vegetables, and fruits.

Poor Air Quality

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Breathing in poor air quality at work or home harms your body. This is why it’s easy to catch a virus if a colleague or family member is sick. 

In addition, living in a big, crowded city means inhaling “fine particulate matter from tires and diesel emissions.” Fortunately, a HEPA air filter can remedy this. 

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