12 Underrated Benefits of Living by Yourself

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Having roommates may mean you have someone to share living costs with. But it also means less privacy and always considering other people in everything house related. Living alone gives you more control over how you live along with these 12 awesome benefits.

Coming Back to Your House Exactly How You Left It

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It doesn’t matter whether you left your house spotlessly clean or dirty; you are guaranteed to find everything exactly where you left it. Well, that’s, of course, if you don’t own a troublesome pet that will mess up the place.

A Place for You to Be Alone

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It is also awesome “having one place in the world where only you have access to” to be alone. 

Every Room Is the Bedroom

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Moreover, you can sleep wherever you want. Most people admit to falling asleep on the couch, and a few have dozed in the bathroom after waking up to pee. 

Don’t Have to Share the Thermostat

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No more discussions about temperature preferences with your roommate or family members. When you live alone, you set the thermostat at the perfect temperature. It’s “pure bliss.”

No One Will Get Annoyed With You

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Also, no one is mad at you for things you did or didn’t do. “No one will get annoyed with you no matter how long you sit on the toliet” or you left “the semi-unpacked suitcase from your last trip lying open on the floor for two weeks.”

Go the Entire Day Without Speaking

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People living alone also enjoy not having to speak or listen to anyone all day. Some are even content holding conversations with themselves. 

You Can Wear Whatever You Want

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 Plus, you can wear whatever you want or “get naked around the house.” One user says, “I hate wearing clothes and am naked 90% of the time when I’m home.” “It’s freeing,” says another. 

TV Volume Is Always Perfect

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Living alone means having the volume in the perfect setting. No more turning the volume dial up or down to accommodate other people.

Pooping With the Bathroom Door Open

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Yes, pooping with the bathroom door open is a true joy for some people living alone. “It feels glorious,” reads a post.

And it’s not just pooping but showering too. A commentator says, “It’s especially great in the summer when there is a nice breeze running through the apartment and into the shower.”

Not Having to Clean Up After Other People

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Additionally, “you only clean up after yourself.” A user with two roommates complains, “In my house, two people are making a mess, but only one does the cleaning. The resentment I feel is enough to make me want to leave.” Fortunately, you do not have to endure this chaos when living alone.

Sleeping Alone

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Another underrated advantage is sleeping alone. “Sharing a bed is the surest way to a bad night’s sleep,” reads a post, especially when the other party snores or moves around too much. 

Don’t Get Sick as Often

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“I have been on my own for a few years now, and I used to get a common cold probably 4 or 5 times a year. Now that I live alone, I catch something once a year,” writes a poster, whose comment is backed by 4,000+ users. 

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