12 Amazing Cities to Visit in the United States

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From sandy beaches, wildlife, great weather, and rich history to great architectural designs, warm, inviting people, and diverse cuisines, these 12 US cities should be high on your list of must-visit places. 

Burlington, Vermont

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“There’s plenty to do; it’s not crowded. The city and the air is clean, and Lake Champlain is amazing,” writes a poster who has made the city their family’s annual vacation destination. 

Other users describe the place as magical, beautiful, and a must-see.

San Diego, California

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San Diego is a superb spring-break vacation destination with its beautiful coastline, beaches, and consistent, sunny weather. There’s much to enjoy, including performance art, dining at waterfront restaurants, or viewing zoo wildlife.  

Washington, DC

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“Washington DC is incredible if you like educational adventures. There’s no larger concentration of available learning experiences in the US than the museums and federal buildings,” points out a poster. 

In addition to museums, the city offers easy access to architecture and parks, and it’s easy to get around using the public transit system.

Chicago, Illinois

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Chicago is also a great city as it is beautiful, has many activities to do, and the people are welcoming. It also has great museums, vibrant nightlife, and great food. For instance, the deep dish pizza is a must-have for many tourists. 

Savannah, Georgia

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This Southern city is also beautiful and charming with its weather, rich history, and arts culture. “The charm of that place is sublime, especially in the spring after a short but intense rainstorm,” explains a poster. Tourists also love walking on the Savannah Riverfront when birding or exploring. 

Portland, Maine

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Many visitors mention Portland’s coast as the highlight of their trip. They enjoy taking strolls along the beach, enjoying the views, or indulging in seafood cooked by award-winning chefs. The city also has an artistic vibe and is rich in history. 

Santa Barbara, California

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Santa Barbara’s weather is very inviting as it never gets too hot. “The average high temperature is 70F and only varies by 5 degrees (65 winter, 75 summer), and maybe a couple days a year it will break 90, but not always,” explains a former resident of 6 years. 

The city also offers amazing Mexican food, authentic Spanish architecture, and endless outdoor inspirations, like snorkeling, whale watching, and hiking. 

Monterey, California

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The city stands out with the climate, seafood, big race track, Camel-by-the-sea, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Traverse City, Michigan

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A poster recommends, “If you’re ever in the area, stop by Sleeping Bear Dunes.” The site offers tranquility and spectacular views of Lake Michigan. Users recommend visiting the city during summer when the weather is nice.  

Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston is steeped in history yet rich in culture, arts, and cuisines. One poster calls it a hidden gem as it is highly underrated. 

Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit was once a dangerous city, but not anymore. The people are friendly, the old architecture is breathtaking, the downtown is vibrant, and there’s diverse food. 

Boston, Massachusetts

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This is the city to be if you’re interested in architecture. You’ll find buildings constructed in the 1600s, Back Bay row houses, and ultra-modern designs.

A happy Texas resident says, “It’s my favorite city I’ve been to in the US. So much history, multiple world-class universities, some of the best food/ restaurants, tons of sports options, easily walkable, and fairly safe public transportation.”

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