12 Seemingly Normal Habits That Are Actually Addictions

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When people bring up addictions, they usually think of alcohol, nicotine, or drugs. But addictions span over substance abuse. As the saying goes, too much of a bad thing is never good, regular things in your daily life included. Here are 12 lesser known addictions you should watch out for.

Junk Food Addiction

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There is such a thing as junk food addiction, yet most people overlook it. One user writes, “I spend so much money on junk food. It’s insane.” Another confesses, “I quit smoking quite easily, but I cannot for the life of me quit sugar. It’s so much harder.”

Shopping Addiction 

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Shopping is another unnoticed addiction that can quickly spiral out of control. A commentator explains how her mom suffered credit card debts and had to declare bankruptcy due to shopping addiction, “She had piles of unopened boxes in the house…she got some kind of dopamine hit from shopping and buying.”

Work Addiction

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Most people clock out of work on time, while others look for the slightest opportunities to stay longer. Most usually seek an escape as they recover from a different addiction. Unfortunately, they “trade one addiction for another.”  

News Addiction

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“People get addicted to the cortisol hit from getting outraged, so a lot of news outlets realize they just need to keep the cortisol flowing,” mentions a commentator.

Outrage Addiction

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Did you know outrage addiction exists? “Some people seek it out, actively seeking a reason to hate their neighbors to get their dopamine hit,” explains a poster.

Social Media Addiction

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If you spend too much time on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, you might be addicted to social media. A husband says, “I tell myself I am learning new stuff every day. Then my wife asks me to tell her something new and interesting I found on Reddit, and I can’t think of a single thing.”


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Another overlooked addiction is self-isolation and solitude. One user says, “Self-isolating due to social anxiety gets me high, knowing how lonely I am and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Another adds, “Solitude feels good, to have no pressure to perform or engage. It is addictive too.”

Phone Addiction

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How much time do you spend on your screen? Do you constantly check your phone for updates? Most people cannot last an hour without checking their phones. To make matters worse, it is the first and last thing they do daily.  

Caffeine Addiction

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Next is caffeine addiction which has many Americans hooked. One post reads, “I hate when people act like it’s funny and quirky that they feel like zombies without caffeine.” The throbbing headaches and irritability from lack of caffeine are clear indicators of their addiction. 

Porn Addiction

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Most people deny having this addiction. But one user defines it as the continuity “to do the behavior in spite of the negative or adverse consequences.” “It affects you, your relationships with others, how you view sex, and how much you sexualize or objectify other people,” points out another commentator. 

Staying Late for No Reason

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There is also the addiction of “staying up late for no reason because you are afraid to miss out on anything.” Or, you stay up late to avoid the daytime’s loud, bright, and stressful highlights.  

Emotional Abuse

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Sadly, trauma bonds are real and additive. A commentator writes, “I stayed in a relationship far beyond a healthy expiration because we felt safe in our mutual abuse. When it was good, it was good. And when it was bad, it was hospital bad.”

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