11 Unwritten Rules New Drivers Should Be Aware Of

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Congratulations on passing your driving test and getting your license! Doesn’t it feel great to be a driver? There are many rules we have to learn before we hit the road. Here are 13 unwritten rules your instructor may have missed. 

Be Predictable

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In other words, “Don’t slam your brakes to let someone else go. Drive predictably.” This is because “yielding when you have the right of way just slows everything down.” 

Assume Everyone Else Is an Idiot

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Also, assume “everyone is an idiot except me” or “they’re out to kill you.” With this in mind, you will be more prepared to handle any dumb driving situations. Moreover, “it will save your life and insurance.” 

Green Means Legal, Not Safe

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When the traffic light turns green, it does not translate to the road being safe. One user says, “Assume everyone is a moron trying to crash into you.” 

Another user says, “I stopped counting the number of times I would have been killed by crossing the street just after the light turned green. Now, even when the lights turn green, I still look both ways before crossing.”

Match the Speed of Traffic When Merging

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One post reads, “Try to match the traffic speed and fit into an open slot. Don’t slow down to a crawl and wait for a wide berth.” “Unless there’s a yield sign on the ramp with no merge area, then it is specifically a ‘wait your turn’ lane,” says another. 

Don’t Trust a Turn Signal

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Also, never trust a turn signal. Simply “assume that a car with a signal on might go straight and a car without one might turn.” Then, “stay out of everyone’s blind spot, especially such people.”

Always Leave Yourself a Way Out

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Also, always leave enough room between your car and the one ahead of you. “Enough room will give you more time to react,” writes a driver.   

Always Know What’s Around You

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“On the road, there are five people you need to be aware of at all times: the guy in front of you, behind you, directly to your right, your left, and the guy who comes out of nowhere,” advises a driver, “That way, if you feel you have to change lanes quickly, you know whether you can or can’t.” 

Keep Your Cool

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Remember we mentioned that you must assume that every other driver is an idiot trying to kill you? So, always keep your cool when confronting other drivers. 

“Road rage kills,” with states like Arizona, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and New Mexico recording the highest numbers of people shot in road rage cases.

Turn Your Lights on When Raining

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Some states don’t have this as a written rule, so always have your lights on when it’s raining, “no matter the time of the day.” 

Another driver adds, “Have your lights on just after dawn and before dusk. Just because you can see doesn’t mean you can be seen.”

Don’t Cut Corners

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Whatever you do, slow down when turning into a corner, and don’t overtake! 

Be Careful When Opening Doors After Parking

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Once you are off the road and parked, “always look out for cyclists, other cars, and buses” before opening your doors. One user also advises, “Tell your kids to open the door facing the sidewalk: The back door facing traffic stays closed when you get out.”

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