11 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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Falling asleep should be easy: You get cozy in bed, close your eyes, and drift off. Unfortunately, this may feel like a dream if you constantly find yourself tossing and turning for hours. Nevertheless, using one of these 11 tips can help you sleep faster. 

Read Before Bed

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Reading can put you to sleep in a few minutes. Many users explain studying relaxes their minds, making it easy to drift slowly into slumber. Meanwhile, those who hate reading mention listening to audiobooks does the trick for them.

Watch How It’s Made

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Other users swear watching this documentary stimulates their brain to produce melatonin. Besides, the narrator’s soothing voice helps them fall asleep.  

Slowly Count Backwards From 99

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“The key is to do it slowly,” emphasizes a poster, “Think the number, then take a pause that feels a bit too long before thinking the next number, then take another pause.” 

You can always start at 99 if you forget where you were in the number line. 

Listen to White Noise

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White noises can also help you fall and stay asleep. They mask the background and outside noises and prepare your mind that it’s time to sleep. Many users report rain and ocean sounds work like a charm.  

Play Some Stories in Your Head

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Stepping in as a character from your favorite movie or imagination can also help you sleep faster. “I think about what I’d do if I had superpowers and how that would help in different jobs,” shares a poster. 

Pretend to Be Asleep

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Fake sleeping can also do the trick to get you sleeping. Closing your eyes, remaining motionless, and rhythmically breathing signals your brain that it’s time to shut down. 

Your Room Should Be Completely Dark

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Meanwhile, create an ideal sleeping environment by keeping your room quiet and dark. Invest in quality blinds that block all lights and have your phone facing down to avoid distractions. If you must use your phone during this time, have blue light filters.  

Listen to the Sleep with Me Podcast

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“Dearest Scooter’s dulcet tones and superfluous tangents have helped me fall asleep,” says a Sleep With Me podcast listener. Most listeners report falling asleep right into the introduction, proving how effective the program is. 

Focusing on Your Breathing

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Alternatively, shift your mind to focus on your breathing. Doing so helps ease the anxiety that may be keeping you up. Moreover, taking slow breaths improves melanin production, allowing you to sleep better. 

Watch Bob Ross’s Painting Videos

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Watching Bob Ross create paintings of lush vegetation, different seasons, or nature can help you fall asleep faster. “Happy little trees put me to sleep every time,” writes a user. 

Another writes, “Bob Ross makes me feel safe and secure, talking on and on about his animals. He calms me down when I’m anxious or upset, and I can drift off dreaming about happy little clouds, trees, and a river that Bob fishes in.”

Relax One Body Part at a Time

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Apparently, this is a meditation tip the US Army does. You focus on relaxing one body part for 5-10 seconds, say the feet, before moving upwards until you reach the neck and head. Those who have perfected this skill fall asleep within 30-120 seconds.  

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