Stop Wasting Money on These 11 Things

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Some things might seem like a good deal because of convenience. But unnecessary spending can pile up and keep you from saving instead. Here are 11 everyday things you should stop wasting money on.

Extended Warranties on Cheap Appliances

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Extended warranties sound like a great deal, but not on cheap appliances. The plan will cost you more than potential repairs, and the company may not honor the warranty. 

Internet Service Providers That Don’t Offer Unlimited Data Plans

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Unlimited data plans are too expensive and have reduced streaming quality. So why waste money on such internet providers? Consider switching to unlimited data packages.

However, an ISP worker explains the high cost, “The charges are to offset the rapid degeneration of field equipment that occurred when everyone started streaming. These pieces of equipment are expensive and were rated to last for years because of the estimated data consumption at the time. But when everyone started streaming, they broke on months.” 

Food Delivery From Third-Party Apps

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If you love ordering takeout through food delivery services, it’s time to calculate how much you spend on tax, tip, and delivery fees. 

A poster mentions, “I tried to get a salad and a side dish at a local restaurant through Doordash, and after the delivery fees and tip, it was $45. I ordered it straight from the restaurant’s website instead and went to pick it up. It was $21.”

Huge Weddings

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Also, don’t be a victim of going bankrupt in the name of creating memories on your big wedding day. “It’s a party, and there are thousands of ways to throw a party” that don’t include debt. 

In-App Purchases in Games

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In-app game purchases for upgrades, power-ups, or premium stuff may initially seem insignificant, then stack up over time. So, stop falling for this. 

“I’ve spent nearly $500 on Valorant skins,” says a user, “I hate myself.”

SiriusXM Subscriptions

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Paying full price on SiriusXM subscriptions is another huge waste of money. It makes sense to want to listen to satellite radio, but you can “haggle them down to a very small subscription price” or opt for cheaper alternatives. 

Still, check your credit card statement for recurring payments you don’t use. You may have signed up for a free trial(s) but forgot to cancel the subscription after the trial period ended. 

Fitness Supplements

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“95% of gym supplements haven’t been vetted enough to be effective, and the ones that have been vetted are never effective,” a commentator points out. 

Natural Diamonds

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Did you know you can’t differentiate a lab-grown and natural diamond by looking at them? But some people prefer to pay extra for natural diamonds even after learning this. But you don’t have to be them. 

“The only purpose of diamonds nowadays is to show off how much you can afford, and nobody cares,” says a poster. 

Bottled Water

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You also don’t need to spend money on bottled water if the tap water in your area is safe. Alternatively, “get a filter or a Brita pitcher.”

Fast Fashion

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“It’s a waste of money and a huge ethical issue. The industry is bad, the consumers are bad, and the clothes look awful,” states a poster. 

Multiple Streaming Services

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Additionally, why pay for multiple streaming services when you only use one? It’s only wise to cancel the rest and rejoin when need be. Moreover, you’re wasting money paying for cable TV when you’re paying for streaming services. 

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