11 Hard-to-Reach Dreams for Ordinary People

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As a kid you usually dream big. But as you get older, you realize that getting what you want is hard work (at least for regular Joes). The truth is, only a small percentage of people who want to be an astronaut or a billionaire actually reach their dreams. These 11 things are almost impossible for ordinary folks to achieve. 

Going to Space

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Space travel can only be a dream for regular people. As of 2021, only 622 people have been to space, and that’s just a mere fraction of the 8 billion global population.

Additionally, it is difficult to become an astronaut unless you’re “the ‘right type’ of genius.” The field is demanding and competitive, with the few astronauts being scientists, engineers, or both.

Hearing Your Own Music on the Radio

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Regular people will never know how surreal it feels when their song plays on the radio. Also, they’ll never experience the joy of performing on stage with hundreds or thousands of strangers singing along to the lyrics. Instead, they’ll be part of the cheering crowd. 

Ride in a F-15

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See those F-15 fighter jets that pass by you so fast, “at the speed of sound?” Well, that’s how many regular people will ever experience them from a distance. 

Winning the Lottery

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“The odds of winning the lottery are incredibly slim, so most people will never even come close,” mentions a poster. 

Simultaneous Actual Happiness and Financial Freedom

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Also, due to the high inflation rate, regular people might never achieve a balance between being happy and having enough money. Most only get one, but not both. 

Ability to See Sound as Different Colors

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This condition is known as sound-color synesthesia, and not many people experience it. “Our brains have a malfunction. When we hear, a part of our brain for color perception activates and sends a signal too; when we smell, the part of our brain that perceives texture activates and sends a signal,” explains a person with synesthesia.

Paying Cash for a House

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Yes, with the current state of the economy, paying cash without a mortgage is impossible for most people. Many online users mention that this is only possible after one inherits a house and then sells their inheritance to afford a cheaper house.

Moreover, regular people will never experience the ability “to afford absolutely anything.


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“It’s more than having a passionate interest. It’s all I can think or talk about. Some nights, I can’t sleep or eat very much because I am too engrossed in my current obsession,” narrates a poster. And this is an intense emotion that’ll be foreign to many regular people.

Working on the Flight Deck of an Aircraft Carrier

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People who’ve done this confess this job is exciting, although it may get boring over the years. Nevertheless, not many get to experience it. 

Be a Billionaire

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A post reads, “There are only a few thousand billionaires in the world, and most of them inherited their wealth or made it through business deals. It is very difficult to become a billionaire through hard work alone.”

Another states, “There are no billionaires through hard work, only the exploitation of others’ hard work.”

Smell Someone Bleeding Out

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This is a rare phenomenon for people outside the medical field. Regular people won’t have to know that “blood in large quantities has an overwhelming, nauseating, metallic smell.”

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